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3 Question No: 1 For how many years are the members of the Rajya Sabha elected? A. 5 years B. 4 years C. 6 years D. 2.5 years Ans. C 3

4 Question No: 2 Europa, is the moon of A. Saturn B. Jupiter C. Naptune D. Uranus Ans. B 4

5 Question No: 3 Keeladi excavation site is situated in A. Gujrat B. Andhra Pradesh C. Kerala D. Tamilnadu Ans. D 5

6 Question No: 4 Portal "SATYABHAMA" is related to A. Coal Ministry B. Home Ministry C. PMO D. HRD Ministry Ans. A 6

7 Question No: 5 Who is the current chairman of National Institute of Public Finance and Policy ( NIPFP)? A. Vijay Kelkar B. R. Ranjan C. Urjit Patel D. D. Oberoy Ans. C 7

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10 For first time since 1565, a Kamakhya festival sans fair The Ambubachi Mela began at the Kamakhya temple without mendicants, hermits and devotees for the first time in almost 500 years. Ambubachi Mela is an annual Hindu mela held at Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati, Assam. 10

11 Legends say the temple atop the Nilachal Hills, whose northern face slopes down to the Brahmaputra river, was built by the demon king Narakasura. Records are available from 1565 when Koch King Naranarayana had the temple rebuilt. 11

12 Japan to rename islands disputed with China A local council in southern Japan has voted to rename an area, including islands disputed with China and Taiwan. 12

13 The local assembly of Ishigaki city in Japan approved a plan to change the name of the area covering the Tokyo-controlled Senkaku Islands, known by Taiwan and China as the Diaoyus, from Tonoshiro to Tonoshiro Senkaku. 13

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15 SBI mobilises 13,212 kg gold through GMS The State Bank of India (SBI) has mobilised 13,212 kg of household and institutional gold through the Gold Monetisation Scheme (GMS), according to the bank s annual report. 15

16 Gold Monetisation Scheme was introduced to replace the Gold Deposit Scheme (GDS), The government unveiled GMS in 2015 to mobilise idle gold held by households and institutions. 16

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18 The Moplah Rebellion is also well known as the Malabar Rebellion of It was the culmination of a series of riots by Moplahs (Muslims of Malabar) in the 19 th and early 20 th centuries against the British and the Hindu landlords in Malabar (Northern Kerala). 18

19 The Moplah Rebellion, also known as the Moplah Riots of 1921 was the culmination of a series of riots by Moplahs (Muslims of Malabar) in the 19 th and early 20 th centuries against the British and the Hindu landlords in Malabar (Northern Kerala). The rebellion is sometimes seen as a class uprising although events show that the riots were communal in nature. 19

20 The prominent leaders of the rebellion were Ali Musaliyar and Variyankunnath Kunjahammed Haji. In November 1921, 67 Moplah prisoners were killed when they were being transported in a closed freight wagon from Tirur to the Central Prison in Podanur. They died of suffocation. This event is called the Wagon Tragedy. 20

21 Consequences of Moplah Rebellion The Moplah Rebellion was a failure because of the communal element in it. What could have been a revolt against the British became an anti-hindu movement. 21

22 The brutal violence, widespread forceful conversions and destruction of property suggest that the motive went beyond what could have arisen from class conflict and took on religious colours. Sir C Shankaran Nair, a former President of the INC, criticised Gandhi s support of the Khilafat Movement as one of the causes of the violence. 22

23 It started as a protest against British authorities so it was part of the freedom struggle. However, since the British had appointed high caste Hindus in high positions as they needed their support, therefore the protest soon turned against the Hindus as well, says Prof M G S Narayanan, an authority on Kerala history. 23

24 e-choupal 4.0 In its 20th year of launch, ITC Agri has rolled e-choupal 4.0. e-choupal is a two-decade old initiative from ITC, aimed to web-enable farmers to overcome the challenges related to information access and procurement. 24

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26 ह ल ह म र जस व ख फ य न द श लय (Directorate of Revenue Intelligence-DRI) द व र एक वन यज व तस कर सम ह क ख ल स फकय गय ह जजसक तहत र जस व ख फ य न द श लय द व र क लक त एयरप र ट स द ल ग क 22 ववद श त त (Exotic Macaws) क ववभ न प रज नतय क स थ गगरफ त र फकय गय ह 26

27 जब त फकय गए इ पक ष य म द लट त त क कई प रज नतय -हफक च म क उ (Hacinth Macaw), प स क र प रर (Pesquet s Parrot), स ववयर म क उ (Severe Macaw) और ह स म क उ (Hahn s Macaw) श भमल ह 27

28 र जस व ख फ य न द श लय: र जस व ख फ य न द श लय एक रत य ख फ य एज स ह यह रत क एक प रम ख तस कर ववर ध ख फ य, ज च एव स च ल एज स ह 28

29 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) It came into force in 1975 and consists of 183 membercountries till date that abide by CITES regulations by implementing legislation within their own borders to enforce those regulations. Located in Geneva, Switzerland, the CITES is administered by the United Nations under its UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) Wing. 29

30 Mount Merapi 30

31 Presena glacier ह ल ह म पय टवरण य स र णव ददय क एक दल ग ल बल व भम ग क क रण उत तर इर ल म प र स ग ल भशयर (Presena Glacier) क वपघल स र क क भलय इसक 100,000 वगट म र र त र म ज य ट क सट इल त रप ल श ट बबछ क प रफ य श र क 31

32 ग ल भशयर क ढक क भलय ज य ट क सट इल त रप ल (Geotextile Tarpaulins) क प रय ग फकय ज रह ह ज स यट क फकरण क पर वनतटत करत ह और तर क त पम क ब हर क त पम स कम ब ए रखत ह इसक जररय बड स तर पर ब ट क स रक ष त कर म मदद भमलत ह 32

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34 थ बगट इस प रस क र क ब र ज़ ल क ड व क प व, च क ग ओ जजय म ई और अम त ह दर क स थ स झ कर ग ड व क प व ब र ज़ ल क य म म सम द य क त ह, इन ह अम ज़ क ज गल और ज व-ववववधत एव य म म सम द य क स र ण क त र म क यट कर क भलय इस प रस क र ह त च गय ह 34

35 च क ग ओ जजय म ई क मदहल ओ क अगधक र क त र म क यट कर क भलय इस प रस क र ह त च गय ह अम त ह दर क पजचचम सह र क ल ग क म व गधक र क स र ण क त र म क यट कर क भलय इस प रस क र ह त च गय ह 35

36 Right Livelihood Award इस प रस क र क वर ट 1980 म श र फकय गय यह प रस क र व जचवक समस य ओ क हल कर व ल स हस ल ग क सम म और समथट कर ह त प रद फकय ज त ह यह प रस क र र इट ल इवल ह ड फ उ ड शन द व र प रद फकय ज त ह र इर ल इवल ह ड प रस क र क स व ड क व कजपपक न ब ल प रस क र (Alternative Nobel Prize) कह ज त ह 36

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