Knowledge Based Question Bank for CLASS 1 Please read instructions carefully प र य अप र वक गण, प र क ष : बच च क पढ न, उनक प षण करन, उन ह क ल द न, उन ह

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1 Knowledge Based Question Bank for CLASS 1 Please read instructions carefully प र य अप र वक गण, प र क ष : बच च क पढ न, उनक प षण करन, उन ह क ल द न, उन ह ब हतर कल क प रलए त य र करन एक कठ र और य ग त मक क यय ह, यह द यन करन क क ई सबस अच छ य एकल तर क नह ह, यह प र तरह स पर क षण और त र ट पर आध टरत ह एक स क ल क र प म, हम अपन द प र बन त ह और यह हम पर क षण क करन और त र ट य क ठ क करन क प रलए एक ह प ष ठ पर ल ज त ह इस सन द य म, उम द व प र ल ड रन एक डम न अपन बच च क ज ञ न क बज य क ल स सम द ध करन क प रनणय प रलय ह, इसप रलए हम बच च क स खन क बज य समस य ओ / अध य य क समझन क प रलए बढ व द त ह और प रनस स द ह यह उन ह मदद करत ह, इसस स क ल और बच च क ब हतर तर क स प रवकप रसत ह न म मदद प रमलत ह छ त र क र न त मक तर क स प रलखन तथ र न त मक जव ब ख जन म मदद प रमलत ह, इसस छ त र ब हतर कर प त ह ल ककन अब हम क छ समस य ओ क स मन कर रह ह ;ज स स म न य ज ञ न और तथ य क य द रखन, तथ आग कक ष ओ म छ त र क कई तथ य और ज व,रस यन और प रतक प रवज ञ न क ब द वल क य द रखन एक महत वप णय क ल ह प रलख व, प रनम यण और वतयन : कक वतयन क त र ट य और प रलख व क द खन क बज य हमन ब हतर व क य प रनम यण, उपय क त स मग र द खकर अ क क आव ट त करन र कर कदय थ, इसप रलए छ त र न उन पर क म करन ब द कर कदय ज स स मरण क षमत : समझ म व प रद ध ह ई, छ त र र न त मक ह गय, ल ककन स मरण क षमत कम ह गय ; व त र त जव ब म सबस अच छ ह त ह, क छ समय क ब द ब हतर ह त ह और क छ मह न क ब द अच छ ह त ह ल ककन हम हर समय सवयश र ष ठ क आवश यकत ह त ह उपर क त समस य ओ क द खत ह ए स क ल "ज ञ न आध टरत श न" (Knowledge Based Questions) क र आत कर रह ह और हर प ठ स क छ सव ल क प रलए म नक श न उत तर क आप र तय करन ज रह ह पर क ष ( श न पत र ) र प म बदल व : अब हर अधयव र षयक और व र षयक पर क ष म गण त, स म न य ज ञ न,कल,तथ क प य टरक छ ड कर अन य स प रवषय क प रलए एक ह कदन म द प पर ह ग ; पहल क तरह एक XSEED प पर (60 अ क क प रलए क ल), पहल ज स ह ह ग और एक ज ञ न आध टरत श न पत र (40 अ क) ज स क ल द व र आप र तय ककए गए उत तर पर आध टरत ह ग, उन उत तर क ज नह क ज एग,प रजसम प रलख व खर ब ह I हर उत तर क उस तरह स क प ककय ज न प रहए प रजसम अल ड पप रवर म और प णय प रवर म प रमल ह प रलख व, स मरण, वतयन और प रवर म प र ह न क प रलए अ क क ज य ग यह तक कक छ त र सह उत तर प रलखत ह, ल ककन स क ल द व र कदए गए व स तप रवक उत तर म बदल व क प रलए 0 अ क कदए ज ए ग

2 ज ञ न आध टरत श न ब क क त य क बच च क बह त जल ड द आप र तय क ज एग और व बस इ पर अपल ड ककय ज एग, इसम त य क प ठ स क छ श न उत तर ह ग I इसम ह य गए प ठ, ज क वकय प ठ और गप रणत प रवषय स सम ब प रधत श न उत तर नह ह ग I स क ल क बच च क प णय प र क ष थ क र प म प रनम यण क प रलए आपक सहय ग और समथयन क आवश यकत ह I ककस प रववरण क प रलए अममत प ड य अक दममक समन यवयक पर क ल कर I धन यव द I Dear Parents, Education; teaching kids, nurturing them, skill them, preparing them for better tomorrow is a rigorous and experimental job, there is no best or single way to perform, It is completely based of trial and error. As a school, we make our vision and this leads us to hit trials and rectify errors to be on the same page. In this connection, Uma Devi Children s Academy has decided to enrich their kids with skills rather than knowledge so we promote kids to understand problems / chapters rather than learning and cramming them undoubtedly this helps school and kids a lot to grow in better way, It led students to write in creative way, It helped students to find different and creative answers, it helped students to think out of the box. But no way is perfect, now we are encountering few issues like; memorizing: Students are not ready to memories even the facts in G.K., Memorizing is also an important skill in later stage students will have to memories multiple facts and big names biology. Handwriting, Construction and Spellings: Since we had started allotting marks seeing appropriate content rather than seeing better sentence construction, spelling errors and handwriting, pooped up result is students have stopped working on them. Retention: Understanding increased, student became creative but retention decreased; they are best at answers immediately, better after some time and even good after a couple of months but we need best at all the times. Seeing above problems school is introducing Knowledge based questions and going to supply standard answers for few questions from every block. Change is Exams: Now for all the xseed subjects except Maths every half yearly and annual exam shall have two papers on the same day; one Xseed paper (Skill based for 60 marks) like earlier, making scheme shall be the same as earlier and one knowledge based question paper (40 marks) which shall be based on the answers supplied by school, this copy shall not be even checked if handwriting is poor, every answer has to be copied in the same way including comma and full stop. Marks for Handwriting, retention, Spellings and punctuation are to be deducted. Even in the case students write correct answer but changes the actual answers supplied by school shall be given 0 marks. Knowledge based question bank shall be supplied very soon to every kid and would be uploaded on website as well, It would have few question answers from each covering block except eliminated / project blocks and math subject, School needs your support in the way to build kid as perfect learner. For further inquiry or any details please call Mr. Amit Pandey, Coordinator Thanks

3 ENGLISH B13-Watch the Grow. Q.1-What is butterfly? Butterfly is a flying insect with four colorful wings. Q.2-Write 3-3 words with ai and ie sound. ai - tail, snail, rain. ie die, pie, lie. B14-I don t like my hair. Q.1-What did Neema s mother give to Neema? Ans-Neema s mother gave to Neema a new red shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Q.2-Why did Sonu like Neema s hair? Ans-Because Sonu had same kind of hair also. B15-Likes and Dislikes Q.1-Match the following. a. Do not aren t b. Are not don t c. Does not isn t d. Is not doesn t Q.2-Write 2-2 sentences with the words using I like and I don t like. (to sing, home, to play, bed) a. I don t like to sing. b. I don t like to play. c. I like my home. d. I like my new bed. B16 A Rain Game Q.1-Who ate 3 berries? Ans-Noni ate 3 berries. Q.2-Why does Niki not like the rain?

4 Because Niki can t swing, jump or climb when it rains. B17 Exclamatory Sentences Q.1-Write 2 sentences ending with (!). (I) I like veggies! (ii) I can t jump! Q.2-Write 5 words that have the same middle sound as in dirt. skirt, shirt, first, hair, bird B18 My Daily Routine Q.1-Write 1 thing that you do in the morning. I drink milk in the morning. Q.2-Write 2 rhyme words for each given words. (i) Rice Dice, Mice. (ii) Lunch Munch, Bunch. B19-Setting of a Story Q.1-Match the following. a. Camel Burrow b. Rabbit Desert c. Fish Nest d. Bird Pond, aquarium Q.2-Write 2-2 words with oa sound. oa Goat, Coat. B20-Describing Words. Q.1-Write any 5 describing words. Big, sweet, heavy, green, round. Q.2-Write 2-2 words with ow oe and oe sound. (i) ow Crow, grow. (ii) oe Toe, doe. (iii)oe rose, nose. B21- Story Writing.

5 Q.1-Write the name of any story. Rabbit and Tortoise. Q.2-Write the main character of the story. Rabbit. B22-(Personal Narrative) My Day at the Park. Q.1-Write 2 sentences about your favourite place. (i) My favourite place is a toyshop. (ii) It is near my house. Q.2-Write an insect name that was in the park. Ladybird. B23-What is a tree? Q.1-Why are trees important to us? Because trees give oxygen, fruits and many things to us. Q.2-Who makes tables and chairs? Carpenter. B24-Clean Your Room Q.1-Write 2 steps how you should clean your room. (a) We should keep all our things in their proper places. (b) We should keep books on shelves. Q.2 Write any 3 position words. Ans. -In, On, Under. B25-Bed in Summer Q.1-How does the boy feel when he is in bed? Light and Comfortable. Q.2-Write season name when you wear sweaters. Winter.

6 Q.1- Write 3-3 water and land animals. EVS B13-Homes of Animals (a) Water animals whale, octopus, dolphin (b) Land animals elephant, lion, tiger Q.2-Why do animals need homes? Animals need homes to protect themselves from their enemies, harsh weather and other threats. B14-Chirpy Birds Q.1-Write features of common birds. All birds have beak, feathers and wings. Q.2-Write 3 steps to take care of birds. (i)give them water and food. (ii)don t keep birds in the cages. (iii)help them if they are injured. B15-All about Insects Q.1-Which body parts do insects have? Insects have antennae, two eyes, hand, 6 or 8 legs, thorax, wings and abdomen. Q.2-Where does a water beetle live? What does a water beetle eat? Water beetle lives in water and eat small water animals. B16 Plants Around Me Q.1-How can you tell the difference between two plants?

7 Plant parts help us find the difference between two plants. Q.2-How are trees different from each other? Trees are different in many ways based on their size, height, leaves and fruits. B17 Plants are Different Q.1-How is a rose plant different from a money plant? Rose plant is big and has flowers, strong and brown stem. Money plant has only leaves and weak stem. Q.2-Write True or False. A. Watermelon has one seed. (False) B. Litchi has many seed. (False) C. Lotus has many petals. (True) D. The Arizona water lily has the largest leaf in the world. (True) B18 Food We Eat Q.1-Write 5 cereals name. Rice, wheat, oat, barley and corn. Q.2-Why should we not eat unhealthy food? Because unhealthy food can give us diseases. B19-Transport Q.1 -Write 3-3 vehicles of the given modes of transport. a. Water ship, boat, submarine

8 b. Air aero plane, helicopter, jet c. Land car, bus, cycle Q.2-What is the similarity between an aero plane and a bus? What is the difference between them? An aero plane is a air transport and a bus is a land transport. Both carry passengers from one place to another. B20-Uses of Water Q.1-Why do we need water? We need water to drink, wash our hands, face and clothes and produce electricity. Q.2- Write 3- ways to save water. (i) Use a bucket to take a bath. (ii) Don t throw water for fun. (iii) Don t make water dirty by throwing things in it. B21-We Need Air Q.1-Why do plants need air? Plants need air to breathe. Q.2- Write 3 uses of Air. (i)air is used to make sound. (ii)air is used to dry clothes. (iii)air is used to move sail boats.

9 B22-About Air Q.1-What is wind? Moving air is called wind. Q.2-What are breeze and storm? A gentle wind is called a breeze and a strong wind is called a storm. B23-A Rainy Day Q.1-Write 4 things you use when it rains. Umbrellas, raincoats, rain jackets and boots. Q.2-Write the colors of rainbow in the correct order. The seven colors of a rainbow are violet, indigo, blue, green, orange and red. B24-Weather and Seasons Q.1-What is difference between weather and seasons? Weather describes the daily changes outside while seasons remain similar for a certain part of the year. Q.2-How many seasons are there? There are 5 seasons summer, winter, rainy, spring and autumn. B25-Day and Night Q.1- Write 1 day and 1 night activity. (i) Day We eat lunch. We go to school. (ii) Night We sleep. We eat dinner. Q2.-What is a full moon? When the whole moon is lit up and it looks like a full circle.