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1 Seat Break Up ( Seat : 100) ADMISSION 2020 HANDIQUE GIRLS' COLLEGE HIGHER SECONDARY 1ST YEAR ARTS Sl. No Category No. of Seats 1 Unreserv 63 2 OBC (15%) 15 3 SC (7%) 7 4 STP (10%) 10 5 STH (5%) 5 Extra Curricular Activity Quota (5% of Toal Seats) =5 1 Sports (2%) 2 2 Employee (1%) 1 3 NCC/NSS/Scout (1%) 1 4 Cultural (1%) 1 PROVISIONAL MERIT LIST Category : UNRESERVED No. of Seats: Abhinanda Hazarika General SEBA Yes Sneha Dey General CBSE Yes Arpita Banerjee General SEBA Yes Anindita Chanda General CBSE Yes Neha Das General SEBA Yes Anuradha Sarma General CBSE Yes Rituparna Choudhury General CBSE Yes Himadri Das General SEBA No Sushreeta Chakraborty General CBSE No Meenu Sarma General SEBA Yes Leena Boro ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Subhanangee Sinha OBC CBSE Yes Ashmita Chetri OBC CBSE Yes Shayesta Gagarin General CBSE Yes Krisha Thakuria OBC CBSE Yes Krisha Thakuria OBC CBSE Yes Dhriti Moni Das General CBSE Yes Hridika Chakrabarty General SEBA Yes Violina Hazarika SC CBSE Yes Nandini Banik General CBSE Yes Niangmuansiam Guite ST HILLS CBSE Yes Deijirani Sarania ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Sneha Mhi General SEBA Yes - Page 1 of 15

2 Annu kumari General CBSE Yes Farhin Sultana General CBSE Yes Jupitora Borah OBC SEBA Yes Dipsikha Sarma General SEBA Yes Nazmeen Islam OBC SEBA Yes Pritee Sarmah General CBSE No Jyotismita Mhi General SEBA Yes Rudrakshi Paul OBC CBSE Yes Nursaleha Begum General SEBA Yes Bhitali Sarma General SEBA Yes Kaberi Kachari ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Nafeesha Yasmin General SEBA Yes Bhaswati Goswami General CBSE Yes Diti Priyam Devi OBC SEBA Yes Sandhya Rai General CBSE Yes Tanisha Choudhury General CBSE Yes Geetanjali Singh General SEBA Yes RANI PATHAK OBC CBSE Yes Pratiksha Das General SEBA Yes Sarbani Sarkar SC CBSE Yes Manisha Chanda General CBSE Yes Murchana Kalita General CBSE Yes Ankita Dey General SEBA Yes Riya Kalita General SEBA Yes Nibita Nandi General SEBA Yes Abhilasha Deka General SEBA Yes Aparna Lodh General CBSE Yes Disha Raj SC SEBA Yes Ankita Kalita General SEBA Yes Ananya Sarmah Bharadhwaj General SEBA Yes Parinisha Kumari OBC SEBA Yes Deepsikha Baro ST PLAINS CBSE Yes Deepsikha Baro ST PLAINS CBSE Yes Sneha kumari General SEBA No Samiksha Devi OBC SEBA Yes Henalina Saloi OBC SEBA Yes Umm E Salmah Hussain General SEBA Yes Preetisri Mhi General SEBA Yes Jessika Baniya SC CBSE Yes Manalisha Das PwD SEBA Yes Select under PWD (Divyang) Quota Page 2 of 15

3 Category : OBC/MOBC No. of Seats: Madhuri Adhikary OBC CBSE Yes Anamika Deka OBC SEBA Yes Barnali Ray OBC SEBA Yes Simpy Kakati OBC SEBA Yes Sonam Paul OBC SEBA Yes Diyamoni Bora OBC SEBA Yes Priyakshi Gogoi OBC SEBA Yes Monisa Deka OBC CBSE Yes Swati Raaj OBC CBSE Yes Shakshi Biswakarma OBC SEBA Yes Elora Chetri OBC CBSE Yes Darsana Bharati OBC CBSE Yes Nikumani Bharali OBC SEBA Yes Sumi Kakati OBC SEBA Yes Th Anuradha Singha OBC SEBA Yes - Category : SC No. of Seats: Urbie Roy SC SEBA Yes Subhashree Mandal SC SEBA Yes Rashmi Das SC SEBA Yes Himan Baishya SC SEBA Yes Priyanka Mondal SC SEBA Yes Preeti Das SC CBSE Yes Juri Mudoi SC CBSE Yes - Category : ST PLAINS No. of Seats: 10 of e Remarks Assam d Tusna Basumatary ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Dikshita Boro ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Bandana Brahma ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Rupsmita Basumatary ST PLAINS CBSE Yes Mercy G Momin ST PLAINS CBSE Yes Prime Swargiary ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Marlie Narzary ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Purnima Wangsa ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Madhumallika Deuri ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Sanjana Rabha ST PLAINS SEBA Yes - Page 3 of 15

4 e d Category : ST HILLS No. of Seats: 5 of Assam Lhinghatnei Haolai ST HILLS SEBA Yes Felicia Zarzothling Hmar ST HILLS SEBA No Shruti Langthasa ST HILLS SEBA Yes Pritika Beypi ST HILLS SEBA Yes Anishika Langthasa ST HILLS SEBA Yes - Remarks Category : Extra Curricular No. of Seats: 5 of e Remarks Assam d Chayankia Pathak General SEBA Yes Cultural Durrah Hussain Nongbri General SEBA Yes Sports Narzina Parbin General SEBA No Sports PROVISIONAL WAITING LIST Hrishita Sarma General CBSE Yes Shabnam Ahm General CBSE Yes Riya Ahm General SEBA Yes Anwesha General SEBA Yes Anwesha Goswami General SEBA Yes Dipsikha Kalita General SEBA Yes Susmita Das General SEBA Yes Anubhuti Deka General SEBA No Sanskrita Bhuyan General SEBA Yes Habiba Siddika General SEBA Yes Sanskrita Bhuyan General SEBA Yes Amisha Singh General CBSE Yes Kashmita Kalita General CBSE Yes Indrani Hazarika General CBSE Yes Reetam Kumari General SEBA Yes Priyanka Saha General SEBA Yes Shajmin Farhana Islam General SEBA Yes Pahi Deka General CBSE Yes Anuksha Mallick General SEBA Yes Manisha Kumari Manjhi General SEBA Yes Nafija Rahman General CBSE Yes Susmita Prasad General CBSE Yes Shemin Akhtar General SEBA Yes Nishita Debnath General CBSE No Riteshma Deka General SEBA Yes Dipandita Chowdhury General SEBA Yes - Page 4 of 15

5 Sarmistha Sarma General SEBA Yes Simon kalita General SEBA Yes Shahin Sultana General SEBA Yes Dipti Ray General SEBA Yes DIPSHIKHA KALITA General CBSE Yes Hanshita Das General CBSE Yes Nikki Saikia General CBSE Yes Deblina Bordoloi General SEBA Yes Anwekha Boruah General SEBA Yes Prantika Talukdar General SEBA Yes Sayanika Patowary General CBSE Yes Priya Sharma General CBSE Yes Sikha Moni Borah General CBSE Yes Pallavi Kalita General SEBA Yes Alima Farhana General SEBA Yes Rini Kalita General SEBA Yes AFRIN SULTANA General CBSE Yes KARABI DAS General SEBA Yes Ankita Dhar General SEBA Yes Mrigakshi Sarma General SEBA Yes Himashree Kashyap General SEBA Yes Pari Choudhury General CBSE Yes Dikshita Das General SEBA Yes Asmena Begum General CBSE Yes Nisadri Borah General SEBA Yes Sanjana Roy General SEBA Yes Mitasree Kalita General SEBA Yes Nishita Hazarika General SEBA Yes Archana Das SC SEBA Yes Amina Akhtar General CBSE Yes Amisha Sharma General SEBA Yes Barsha Diya Bordoloi General CBSE Yes Mehreen Khan General SEBA Yes Meghashree Hazarika SC CBSE Yes Upashna Kalita General CBSE Yes Violina Das SC CBSE Yes Rimpibaruah General CBSE Yes Violina Das SC CBSE Yes Mituma Mhi General SEBA Yes Dimpi Deka SC SEBA Yes ANSHUMALINEE GOGOI General CBSE Yes Rashmita Pramanik General SEBA Yes Pritha Chakraborty General CBSE Yes Neha Singh General SEBA Yes Farheen Akhtar Barbhuiya General CBSE Yes Reeya Kumari Jha General SEBA Yes Sushmita Kalita General SEBA Yes Bhanita Talukdar General CBSE Yes Pragya Rani Rajkhowa General CBSE Yes - Page 5 of 15

6 Sweta Choudhury General CBSE Yes Ankita Das General SEBA Yes Washin Jafrin Karim General CBSE Yes Marufa Faruki Ahm General CBSE Yes Sanjukta Phukan General SEBA Yes Manami Kalita General SEBA Yes FARDINA SALEH General CBSE Yes Manisha Parida General SEBA Yes Kankita Kalita General SEBA Yes Bhupali Goswami General SEBA Yes Antara Sharma General SEBA Yes Krishna Kalita General SEBA Yes Babita Das General SEBA No Lija Kalita General SEBA Yes Afrin Ahm General SEBA Yes Sneha Paul OBC SEBA Yes Nabanita Das OBC SEBA Yes Angana Bhagabati General SEBA Yes Krishnakhi Nath OBC SEBA Yes Anushka Roy General SEBA Yes Sahina Begum General SEBA Yes Priya keot General CBSE Yes Bhumika Dutta General SEBA Yes Kumari Priya General CBSE No Bhanita Das General SEBA Yes Geetima Kalita General CBSE Yes Jyotismita Kalita General SEBA Yes Falguni Bhagabati General CBSE Yes Sangeeta Das OBC SEBA Yes Parinita Borah OBC SEBA Yes Mugdha Baruah General CBSE Yes Khadijah Tul Qubra Hazarika General CBSE Yes Alpana Deka General CBSE Yes Nency Das General SEBA Yes Parthana Baruah OBC SEBA Yes Moksuda Zannat General SEBA Yes Khursida Islam General SEBA Yes Rizbi Kakoti General SEBA Yes Mamani Kalita General SEBA Yes Tanaya Deka General SEBA Yes Jubishree Das OBC CBSE Yes Dibanashi Purkayastha General CBSE Yes PRATIKSHYA DAS General CBSE Yes PUSPA KUMARI THAPA OBC CBSE Yes PRIYAMASMI SINHA General CBSE Yes Himangshi Shah OBC SEBA Yes Manalisha Baishya General SEBA Yes Muskaan Tahura Ferdous General SEBA Yes Upasana Deka General CBSE Yes - Page 6 of 15

7 Puja Kumari General SEBA Yes Beepasha Moral SC CBSE Yes Shriya Singha General CBSE Yes Trishna Kalita General CBSE Yes ANEESA AMAN General CBSE Yes Helena Parbin General SEBA Yes Manaswi Kalita General SEBA Yes Palaashi Sarma General CBSE Yes Chayanika Devi General SEBA No Parnakshi Deka General SEBA Yes Madhusmita Bhuyan General SEBA Yes Parnakshi Deka OBC SEBA Yes Nilakshi Deka General SEBA Yes Radhikadevi OBC SEBA Yes Luna Das OBC SEBA Yes Sima Baruah OBC OTHERS Yes Jilmil Lahon General SEBA Yes Jilmil Lahon OBC SEBA Yes Chandamita Nath OBC SEBA Yes Chandana Baishya General SEBA Yes Bandita Subhalaxmi Sarmah General CBSE Yes Kabita Rajbangshi OBC CBSE Yes Shruti Mena General CBSE Yes Tina Mayuri Deka OBC SEBA Yes Urmila Das SC SEBA Yes Noushin Khanam General SEBA Yes Ritu Dhar OBC SEBA Yes Devika Singha OBC SEBA Yes Nikita Choudhary General CBSE Yes NIKITA CHOUDHARY General CBSE Yes NIKITA CHOUDHARY General CBSE Yes Shantana Barman General SEBA Yes Sagarika Das General SEBA Yes Farjina Chan General SEBA Yes Dikshita Das OBC SEBA Yes Sristi Saharia General SEBA Yes Kangkana Das OBC SEBA Yes Abigail Sangma ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Bismita Mhi OBC SEBA Yes Kasturi Talukdar General CBSE Yes Karishma Barooah General CBSE Yes Hiramoni Saikia MOBC SEBA Yes Karbori Bhuyan General SEBA Yes Barnali Kalita General SEBA Yes Kanika Kumari General SEBA No Bikita Roy General SEBA Yes Riyashmita Roy OBC SEBA Yes Tinamoni Kashyap General CBSE Yes Simrin Zamal General CBSE Yes - Page 7 of 15

8 Nandini Kalita General SEBA Yes Dimpi Das SC SEBA Yes Priya Devi General CBSE Yes Anu Kumari General CBSE Yes Bidisha Saikia OBC CBSE Yes Juri Sarma General SEBA Yes Riya Swargiary ST PLAINS CBSE Yes Bichitra Devi OBC SEBA Yes Sangita Boro ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Tanvee Bayan General SEBA Yes Bijumoni Baruah OBC SEBA Yes Jonali Das OBC SEBA Yes Namrata Das SC CBSE No Sukanya Das General SEBA Yes Purabi Konwar OBC SEBA Yes Namrata Das SC CBSE Yes Namrata Das SC CBSE Yes Pubali Kalita General SEBA Yes Payal Das SC SEBA No Jesleena Begum General SEBA Yes Priya Das General CBSE Yes Prostuti Dutta OBC SEBA Yes Barnali Roy OBC SEBA Yes Himashree Hazarika General SEBA Yes Hreecha Rabha ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Debangana Kashyap General CBSE Yes Riya Laskar OBC CBSE No Nikita Bezbaruah OBC SEBA Yes Prity Basumatary ST PLAINS SEBA Yes KRISHNAMANI ROY OBC CBSE Yes Darshana Devi General CBSE Yes Kashmita Das OBC SEBA Yes Bipasa Debnath OBC SEBA No Daisy Neog OBC SEBA Yes Asha Parbin Choudhury OBC SEBA Yes Anisha Biswas SC SEBA NULL Pritisha Borah OBC SEBA Yes Jayashree Rajbongshi OBC SEBA Yes Krishnamoni Deka General SEBA Yes Runita Rabha ST PLAINS SEBA No Bandana Srivastava General SEBA Yes Jutika Phukan OBC SEBA Yes Ankita Kalita General SEBA Yes Ankita Deka General SEBA Yes Momi Baishya General SEBA Yes Manisha Kumari General SEBA Yes HIMASHREE BHAGABATI General CBSE No Kohelika Kataki General SEBA Yes Kusum Joshi General SEBA Yes - Page 8 of 15

9 Rashmi Rekha Dey General SEBA Yes Sagarika Das OBC CBSE Yes Anushka Gupta General SEBA Yes Sompi Deb General SEBA Yes Rinky Das OBC SEBA Yes Saya Fariha Anjum MOBC SEBA Yes Shruti Das OBC SEBA Yes Arpita Sarma General SEBA Yes Darna Goswami General SEBA Yes Jinti Bora OBC CBSE Yes NAZIFA ANJUM General CBSE Yes Munu Paswan SC SEBA No Sujata Khati General SEBA Yes Sima Bora General SEBA Yes Sima Bora OBC SEBA Yes Shahnaz Akhtar General CBSE Yes Jiri Rani Brahma ST PLAINS CBSE Yes Ritusmita Mudoi General SEBA Yes Papari Mali SC SEBA No Bisterna Talukdar General SEBA Yes Jannat Rahman MOBC SEBA Yes Banashree Kumar OBC SEBA Yes Jannat Rahman General SEBA No Miss Tithi Buragohain MOBC CBSE Yes Tithi Bura Gohain MOBC CBSE Yes Jumi Kalita General CBSE Yes Jaharatul Jannatara General SEBA Yes Rimjhim Rahman General CBSE Yes Barsha Sinha OBC SEBA Yes Nayanita Pathak General SEBA Yes Rupjyoti Boro ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Sonam Kumari General SEBA Yes Bidisha Das SC SEBA Yes Anasuya Deka General SEBA Yes Sumita Das General SEBA Yes Chama Ahma Begum MOBC CBSE Yes Hina Begum General SEBA Yes Rima Sharma General SEBA Yes Dimpal Rajak SC SEBA Yes Anamika Barman General SEBA Yes Barasha Kumari OBC CBSE Yes Upasana Talukdar General CBSE Yes IFTESHAM ALI General CBSE No Jyotishma Deka General SEBA Yes Rimpi Kalita General SEBA Yes Sabana Khatun General SEBA Yes Bidisha Deka General SEBA Yes Mrinmoyee Malakar SC CBSE Yes Priyanka Nath OBC CBSE Yes - Page 9 of 15

10 Simantika Mili ST PLAINS CBSE Yes Urmila Das SC SEBA Yes Riya Kalita General SEBA Yes Jeleka Begum General SEBA Yes Ritika Das SC SEBA Yes P K Nayana Das SC SEBA Yes Sabeha Sultana General SEBA Yes Anisha Kalita General SEBA Yes Sanjana Singha OBC CBSE Yes Anamika Das OBC SEBA Yes Khushee Vashisht General SEBA No Pratiksha Barman General SEBA Yes Mayuri Bora OBC SEBA Yes Himakhi Gogoi OBC SEBA Yes Himakhi Gogoi OBC SEBA No jinni Bezbaruah General CBSE Yes Himakhi gogoi OBC SEBA Yes Sangita Barman General SEBA Yes Kristina Choudhury General CBSE Yes Parismita Kalita General SEBA Yes Parbati Chetri General SEBA Yes Urmi Bhatta General CBSE Yes Santana Paul General SEBA Yes Dolly Talukdar General SEBA Yes Dikshita Deka General SEBA Yes Gargi Saikia General SEBA Yes Bhumica Talukdar OBC SEBA Yes Nikumoni Kalita General SEBA Yes Swity Kallita General CBSE Yes Sibalika Sah General CBSE Yes Anisha Rehman General SEBA Yes Liza Kathar ST HILLS SEBA Yes Priya Sinha OBC SEBA Yes Rima Begum General SEBA Yes Tanushree Brahma ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Madhumita Singh General SEBA Yes Jashmita Deka General SEBA No Vinisha Newar OBC CBSE Yes Darathi Charkrabarty General CBSE Yes Sehnaz Begum General SEBA Yes Priyanka Singha General CBSE Yes Riya Brahma ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Madhuri Bhuyan General SEBA Yes Rashika Sarma General SEBA Yes Sagarika Das SC SEBA Yes Babita Hazarika OBC SEBA Yes Nikita Das SC SEBA Yes Anamika Deka General SEBA Yes Pretty Boro ST PLAINS SEBA Yes - Page 10 of 15

11 Juri Das OBC SEBA No Juri Das OBC SEBA Yes Gitika Rajbongshi OBC SEBA Yes Sneha Dey OBC SEBA Yes Jahnabi Choudhury General CBSE Yes Jayashree Mhi SC SEBA Yes Harshita Yadav OBC SEBA Yes Nikita Das OBC SEBA Yes Dixita Kalita General SEBA Yes SHIKHA HAQUE General SEBA Yes Rikshita Saha General CBSE Yes Barasha Barman General SEBA Yes Jubi Baruah General SEBA Yes Dhritismita Deka General CBSE Yes Anismita Deka General SEBA Yes Shreya Paul General CBSE Yes Sagarika Mhi General SEBA Yes Chandita Goswami General CBSE Yes Hiyamani Thakuria General SEBA Yes Hema Daimary ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Pragya Paramita Sharma General SEBA Yes Kuhi Rabha ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Hrishita Rajbongshi OBC CBSE Yes Prasi Majumdar SC CBSE Yes Miss Radali Baruah OBC SEBA Yes Rimpi Begum General SEBA Yes Priti Poddar General CBSE Yes Kashmaidi Thaosen ST HILLS SEBA Yes Papari Das OBC CBSE Yes Pallabi Roy OBC SEBA Yes Majida Khatun General SEBA Yes Dhritinipa Bujarbaruah General SEBA Yes Krishi Damai General CBSE Yes POOJA GUPTA OBC SEBA No Sahina Sultana General SEBA Yes Sneha Boro ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Aditi Kumari Chaurasia General CBSE Yes Ankita Boro ST PLAINS CBSE Yes Manshi Sharma General CBSE Yes Violina Sarania ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Smriti Rekha Haloi General SEBA Yes Trinayani Barman OBC CBSE Yes Trinayani Barman OBC CBSE Yes Shruti Sinha OBC SEBA Yes Jupitora Payeng ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Neha Kumari Jha General SEBA No TRINAYANI BARMAN OBC CBSE Yes Naina Hussain General CBSE Yes Priya Boro ST PLAINS SEBA Yes - Page 11 of 15

12 Bipasha Das SC SEBA Yes Namrata Choudhury General SEBA Yes Njiora Basumatary ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Bonasri General SEBA No Muskan Tayegam ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Sanchayita Ghosh General CBSE Yes Swapnanjali Das OBC CBSE Yes Leena Kalita General SEBA Yes Anjusree Biswas SC SEBA Yes Annesha Lahkar General SEBA Yes Gayatri Bhagawati General SEBA Yes Pravati Ray OBC SEBA Yes Amisha Phangso ST HILLS SEBA Yes ALICE BORAH OBC SEBA Yes PRIYA BASUMATARY ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Bipasha Rabha ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Shruti Bordoloi General SEBA Yes Rashmi Das General SEBA Yes Anjali Kumari General SEBA Yes Montosh Singh General CBSE Yes Sneha Saikia General CBSE Yes Riya Tumung ST HILLS SEBA Yes Nitu Das General SEBA Yes Sima Das SC CBSE Yes Sima Das SC CBSE Yes SONI KUMARI General SEBA No Bhaiolina Bhuyan General CBSE Yes Simran Basfore SC SEBA Yes Nisha Kalita General SEBA Yes Namrata Dey General SEBA Yes Nisha Saikia General SEBA Yes Ranjita Boro ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Rubyna Faihriem General SEBA Yes Kalpana Barman OBC SEBA Yes Nikita Behera SC CBSE Yes Gitanjali Rajkonwar OBC SEBA Yes PRATIMA RANPAL OBC SEBA Yes Miss Queen Mhi SC SEBA Yes Shaheen Akhtar MOBC CBSE Yes Muskan Begum General SEBA No Karisma Rajbongshi OBC SEBA Yes Anjushree Roy OBC SEBA Yes Nayanmani Boro ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Dimpi Kalita General SEBA Yes Isha Seal OBC SEBA Yes Sangita Das General SEBA Yes Tina Rajbongshi OBC SEBA Yes Daiya Boro ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Senso Ronghangpi ST HILLS SEBA Yes - Page 12 of 15

13 Payal Paul General CBSE Yes Krishnamani Roy OBC CBSE Yes Amanpreet Kaur General CBSE No Nikita Basumatary ST PLAINS CBSE Yes Kritika Boro ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Shaheen Akhtar MOBC CBSE Yes Krishnamoni Malakar SC SEBA Yes Dharitri Das SC SEBA Yes Ankita Endow General SEBA Yes Pinki Das SC SEBA Yes KAMNI PANJIYAR General SEBA Yes Rusali Dowarah OBC CBSE Yes Mitali Das General SEBA Yes Pragati Giri OBC SEBA Yes Rinku Engti ST HILLS SEBA Yes Rumi Rajbongshi General SEBA Yes Anamika Kumari OBC SEBA Yes PRATIKSHA SAIKIA OBC SEBA Yes Priyanka Das General SEBA Yes Anindita Das OBC SEBA Yes Anamika Deka Boro ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Seema Mudoi SC SEBA Yes Simpi Das OBC SEBA Yes Shibangshi Das General CBSE Yes USHMITA DAS OBC CBSE Yes Riya Choudhury General SEBA Yes Gargi Baishya SC SEBA Yes Virginia Zeme ST HILLS SEBA Yes Pompita Baruah SC CBSE Yes Himashri Thakuria OBC SEBA Yes Barakha Talukder General SEBA Yes Dipasmita Sarma General CBSE Yes Karabi Das OBC SEBA Yes Smriti Rekha Sarmah General CBSE Yes Rashmi Das SC SEBA Yes Kashmiri Das SC SEBA Yes Pinki Rabha ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Sangita Boro General SEBA Yes Nandini Bhuyan General SEBA Yes Jutika Das General SEBA Yes Sumi Das General SEBA Yes Kajal Devi General CBSE Yes Tanu Pal OBC SEBA Yes Ridisha Boruah General SEBA No Suchismita Dutta General SEBA Yes Minakshi Das OBC SEBA Yes Pampy Deka General SEBA Yes Bonjita Roy OBC SEBA Yes Anita Chetri OBC SEBA Yes - Page 13 of 15

14 Anannya Biswas SC CBSE Yes Ayesha Siddika General CBSE Yes Jasmine Sultana General SEBA Yes Akangsha Das SC CBSE Yes Yogesh Chhetri OBC SEBA Yes Karina Basumatary ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Mamoni Roy SC SEBA Yes Dibisha Chetri OBC SEBA Yes Arpana Jha General SEBA No Fiza Begum MOBC SEBA No Rinku Moni Baruah OBC SEBA Yes Pallabi Das SC SEBA Yes Barsha Rani Deka General SEBA Yes Gitu Basumatary ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Jasmine Sultana General SEBA Yes Deepsikha Dhekial ST PLAINS CBSE Yes Deepsikha Dhekial ST PLAINS CBSE Yes Tarali Muchahary ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Barasa Rani Das OBC SEBA Yes Sonali Pandey General SEBA Yes Shova Deb Nath General SEBA Yes Niharika Rabha ST PLAINS SEBA Yes Puja Chetia OBC SEBA Yes Rumili Phangchopi ST HILLS SEBA Yes Dikhita Das SC SEBA Yes Minakshi Mahato General CBSE Yes Dibisha Chetri OBC SEBA Yes Dimpy Sharma General SEBA Yes Archana Kalita General SEBA Yes Piyali Roy OBC CBSE Yes Jayashree Duwarah OBC SEBA Yes Sagufta Parveen General SEBA No Sikha Gogoi OBC CBSE Yes Susmita Basumatary ST PLAINS SEBA Yes HIMA DAS SC SEBA No Nashim Bano General SEBA Yes Nisha Das SC SEBA Yes PRIYANKA MUDOI SC SEBA Yes Rani Yadav General SEBA Yes Ritisha Majumder OBC CBSE Yes Amisha Patel General SEBA No Pranita Kalita General SEBA Yes Neha Kaloi ST HILLS OTHERS Yes Awantika Das SC OTHERS Yes Barasha Kalita General SEBA Yes FAMIDA BEGUM General CBSE Yes - Note Page 14 of 15

15 1 2 For Online Admission Date and Procure students are request to visit College Web Site. Students are request to verify there name and marks in the list carefully. If any discrepency found kindly intimate college authority immiately through No request will be entertain after the stipulat date mention in the Admission Time line. Sd/- Principal Handique Girls' College Page 15 of 15