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2 Welcome We invite you to become involved in our parish community! There are many opportunies for experiencing the peace and joy of our loving God in liturgy, educaon, prayer and service. If you would like to join our parish family, please visit our website or the Parish Office for a registraon form. PARISH OFFICE Office Hours...MF 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Phone Fax Website stpatricksgretna.org Flocknote...text STPATGRETNA to MASS AND HOLY EUCHARIST Saturday....5:00 PM Sunday.....8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, & Noon Monday...No Mass or Communion Service Tuesday :00 PM Wednesday, Thursday and Friday....7:30 AM Holy Days....7:30 AM & 6:00 PM Holidays (on weekdays) :00 AM SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION Saturday....4:00 PM 4:40 PM Or call the parish office for an appointment. SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE s registered for a minimum of one year are eligible to marry here. Six months of marriage preparaon prior to your wedding is required by the Archdiocese. Contact the Parish Office to schedule a wedding date and marriage preparaon instrucon. SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM Bapsms take place aer the first and third Sunday Noon Mass each month. A bapsmal date will not be set unl you become a registered parishioner and both the parents and Godparents aend the bapsmal class for their first child. Classes are held at 7:00 PM on the second Monday of each month in the Fr. Hitch Room. Please call the Parish Office if you will be aending a specific class. MINISTRY TO THE SICK If you, a relave or friend are hospitalized or shut in, short or long term, and would like a visit from the Pastor, Deacon or Pastoral Minister, please call the Parish Office. For emergencies or if facing danger or death, call EUCHARISTIC ADORATION The second Thursday of each month, exposion begins aer the 7:30 AM Mass and concludes before the start of the 7:30 AM Mass on Friday (reposion at 7:15 AM). For more informaon, contact Jean Hlavacek at August 8, 2021 REFLECT AND RESPOND 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time FIRST READING (1 KGS 19:4-8) The prophet Elijah was exhausted and literally prayed for death. The Lord answered his prayer by sending Elijah food and drink for strength. How do you encourage others in your life who are spiritually drained? SECOND READING (EPH 4:30 5:2) Paul held Chrisan communies to very high standards of conduct. How well do you think your faith community holds to these standards today? GOSPEL (JN 6:41-51) We hear today John s account of Jesus rejecon by His own people. The Jews struggled to think of Jesus as the living bread that came down from heaven. What are some of Jesus words that challenge you or cause you to struggle? GOSPEL MEDITATION The lens through which we view life makes a difference. It also determines who we choose to learn from and what we allow to shape our thoughts and feelings. For many, life is simply what it appears to be, a given that either through evoluon or some other means just came to be. There is no apparent rhyme or reason to things and things can be dissected and understood only in terms of what they empirically present. To the person using this lens, a tree is a tree and a flower is a flower. Their composion and existence can be understood only to the extent that current human knowledge allows. Through this lens, what gives life purpose and meaning? This lens has an essenally unknown beginning and definite end. Once those are accepted, the middle becomes some kind of pursuit of happiness, with values and principles being things that are selfcreated and found acceptable. But there is a Divine lens that also exists and deserves menon. It is found when one stumbles upon faith and begins to see things differently. This lens is of God and reveals a Divine Energy and Life that flows through and in all things. Faith then shows us that all that lives come from this one Source of Love. This is the only true lens that can give human beings the purpose and meaning they desperately need. From this perspecve, all of life is much more than what is immediately apparent! It now tells and reveals a story about God generous, creave, and uncondional love! The unfolding of the human story is the unfolding of God s story. What meaning our lives have when they are viewed as a part of God s love affair with humanity! We are indeed special. The lens of our faith asks us to learn from Jesus Christ. Jesus, as the real Bread of Life, shows us our eternal desny and completes and frames our lives. It is only in allowing ourselves to be taught by Jesus, that faith, hope, and love take on much greater importance. All the relaonships in our lives are now structured and ordered using God s primary commandment of love. Jesus, then, is not just some man who lived at some point in history. Jesus is the incarnate Son of God who shows us the way, the truth, and the life. Using this lens changes things up a great deal. Looking at the creaon that surrounds you and the special unique people you love, what is God trying to teach you about His love for you and the eternal life He wants you to have? CATHOLIC LIFE EXPLAINED QUESTION: What is a transional deacon? ANSWER: There are two types of deacons in the church. Both are members of the clergy. Both have the same liturgical role. Both have the service of the community as their primary work. One is called a permanent deacon, usually a married man ordained as a deacon with no intenon of becoming a priest. They preach, bapze, witness marriages, conduct funeral services, and look aer the needs of the poor. They also visit the sick and take Communion to them, although they cannot celebrate the sacrament of the Anoinng of the Sick. They might also assist the pastor in his administrave dues. Permanent deacons are usually well known and respected in their communies and have roots there. Connued on next page> 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

3 CATHOLIC LIFE EXPLAINED Continued from Page 2 A transional deacon is one who funcons as a deacon for a period of me prior to ordinaon as a priest. His diaconate assignment serves as a kind of internship of ordained ministry. During his year or two as a deacon, he will learn the praccal aspects of parish life, geng a firsthand look at the life of a priest. His work has a different focus than a permanent deacon in that he is looking forward to ordinaon as a priest. SAINT TERESA BENEDICTA OF THE CROSS Virgin and Martyr A brilliant philosopher who stopped believing in God when she was 14, Edith Stein was so capvated by reading the autobiography of Teresa of Avila that she began a spiritual journey that led to her bapsm in Twelve years later she imitated Saint Teresa by becoming a Carmelite, taking the name Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. Born into a prominent Jewish family in Breslau, Germanynow Wroclaw, PolandEdith abandoned Judaism in her teens. As a student, she became fascinated by phenomenologyan approach to philosophy. Excelling as a protégé of Edmund Husserl, one of the leading phenomenologists, Edith earned a doctorate in philosophy in She connued as a university teacher unl 1922, when she moved to a Dominican school in Speyer. Aer living for four years in the Cologne Carmel, Sister Teresa Benedicta moved to the Carmelite monastery in Echt, Netherlands, in The Nazis occupied that country in In retaliaon for being denounced by the Dutch bishops, the Nazis arrested all Dutch Jews who had become Chrisans. Teresa Benedicta and her sister Rosa, also a Catholic, died in a gas chamber in Auschwitz on August 9, PopeJohn Paul II beafied Teresa Benedicta of the Cross in 1987and canonized her 12 years later. She is the patron saint of Europe and converts to Chrisanity. The wrings of Edith Stein fill 17 volumes, many of which have been translated into English. A woman of integrity, she followed the truth wherever it led her. Aer becoming a Catholic, Edith connued to honor her mother s Jewish faith. Sister Josephine Koeppel, O.C.D.,translator of several of Edith s books, sums up this saint with the phrase, Learn to live at God s hands. READINGS THIS WEEK MONDAY: Dt 10:1222/Ps 147:1213, 1415, 1920 [12a]/Mt 17:2227 TUESDAY: 2 Cor 9:610/Ps 112:12, 56, 78, 9 [5]/ Jn 12:2426 WEDNESDAY: Dt 34:112/Ps 66:13a, 5 and 8, [cf. 20a and 10b]/Mt 18:1520 THURSDAY: Jos 3:710a, 11, 1317/Ps 114:12, 34, 56/Mt 18:2119:1 FRIDAY: Jos 24:113/Ps 136:13, 1618, 2122 and 24/Mt 19:312 SATURDAY: Jos 24:1429/Ps 16:12a, and 5, 78, 11 [cf. 5a]/Mt 19:1315 NEXT SUNDAY: Vigil: 1 Chr 15:34, 1516; 16:12/ Ps 132:67, 910, 1314 [8]/1 Cor 15:54b57/Lk 11:2728 Day: Rv 11:19a; 12:16a, 10ab/Ps 45:10, 11, 12, 16 [10bc]/1 Cor 15:2027/Lk 1:3956 SAINT LAWRENCE Deacon and Martyr A wellknown legend has persisted from earliest mes. As deacon in Rome, Lawrence was charged with the responsibility for the material goods of the Church, and the distribuon of alms to the poor. When Lawrence knew he would be arrested like the pope, he sought out the poor, widows, and orphans of Rome and gave them all the money he had on hand, selling even the sacred vessels of the altar to increase the sum. When the prefect of Rome heard of this, he imagined that the Chrisans must have considerable treasure. He sent for Lawrence and said, You Chrisans say we are cruel to you, but that is not what I have in mind. I am told that your priests offer in gold, that the sacred blood is received in silver cups, that you have golden candlescks at your evening services. Now, your doctrine says you must render to Caesar what is his. Bring these treasuresthe emperor needs them to maintain his forces. God does not cause money to be counted: He brought none of it into the world with himonly words. Give me the money, therefore, and be rich in words. Lawrence replied that the Church was indeed rich. I will show you a valuable part. But give me me to set everything in order and make an inventory. Aer three days he gathered a great number of blind, lame, maimed, leprous, orphaned, and widowed persons and put them in rows. When the prefect arrived, Lawrence simply said, These are the treasures of the Church. The prefect was so angry he told Lawrence that he would indeed have his wish to diebut it would be by inches. He had a great gridiron prepared with coals beneath it, and had Lawrence s body placed on it. Aer the martyr had suffered the pain for a long me, the legend concludes, he made his famous cheerful remark, It is well done. Turn me over! 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time OBSERVANCES THIS WEEK MONDAY: St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, Virgin and Martyr TUESDAY: St. Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr WEDNESDAY: St. Clare, Virgin THURSDAY: St. Jane Frances de Chantal, Religious FRIDAY: Sts. Ponan, Pope, and Hippolytus, Priest, Martyrs SATURDAY: St. Maximillian Kolbe, Priest and Martyr NEXT SUNDAY: The Assumpon of the Blessed Virgin Mary August 8,

4 IN NEED OF ALTAR SERVERS Would You Like to Start Serving? If you haven t been trained or retrained and are a current 6th grader or older and would like to begin Altar Serving, please contact Gabrielle Bash at or with parent name, child name, and phone number. There will be two trainings coming up on Monday, August 9 and Monday, August 16 each at 12 PM. PARISH COOKBOOKS FOR SALE Purchase in the Parish Office The new parish cookbooks are here! You can stop in the parish office during regular office hours to purchase your copy for $25 a piece (cash or check, make checks payable to St. Patrick Church). These cookbooks would make a great birthday or Christmas present. All proceeds benefit St. Patrick Preschool. Don t hesitate to purchase your copy soon! Trust me, you won t want to miss the 700+ family favorite recipes! VOCATIONS PRAYER CORNER Lord Jesus, up unl now You have been quietly preparing me to be Your disciple. Now the me of preparaon is ending. I seem to hear You say to me as You said once to Peter: Will you also go away? Peter replied, Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. I stand with Peter. Through prayer and counsel, show me, Lord, where it is in Your vineyard that You want me to serve. Then give me strength to be faithful. Mary, Mother and Model, help me to respond in generous love to the call of your divine son. Amen. If you are considering a vocaon as a priest, deacon or in the consecrated life, let the grace of prayer encourage you. Call Father Andrew Roza at , or Since our last update on August 1, one infant has been baptized into the Body of Christ. We congratulate the parents and family members, and we welcome your little ones into the Family of Faith! We are praying our Lord Jesus will bless, guide and inspire each of you in His love as you travel along your faith journey. Congratulations! Name.....Date Laynie Lynn Nelson /1/2021 THANK YOU FROM THE HARTNETTS Again and again, Pam and my hearelt gratude to all our friends at St. Patrick Gretna. We so deeply appreciate all the kind words, blessings, prayers, cards, and gis we received as we said farewell. We ll connue to keep you in our prayers and to cherish the fondest of memories from our 23 years. God bless! Deacon Joe Hartne THANK YOU TO OUR VOLUNTEERS Recent Receptions at the Parish Father Baxter and the parish staff would like to thank all the parishioners and volunteers who helped with pung together Deacon Joe Hartne s farewell recepon and the Adoraon Chapel Groundbreaking recepon. Thanks for helping with the setup, serving, preparing goodies and the cleanup. Each event was a huge success due to the generous parishioners that we have here at St Patrick. When we put our me and talents together and work together for Christ we have great results. God s Blessings! THANK YOU TO OUR MONEY COUNTERS Over the past couple of years, we have had several of our volunteers decide to step away from counng the Sunday offering at St. Patrick. There are too many individuals to name here, but we want to thank all of them for the many years that they gave me and talent to this important work. We do want to specifically thank Bob Ostdiek, who was first called upon many years ago to start the teams, and Tim Gilligan, who was one of those original team members. Both have rered from counng this month. You have given countless hours to St Patrick Church for our parishioners. We thank God for allowing you to be here to fulfill this special purpose. May God abundantly bless you. THE CHOSEN TV SERIES COMING TO ST. PATRICK Beginning Wednesday, September 8 For those who would like to watch the series The Chosen, a must see TV series about Jesus, beginning with Season One, please join us in the Parish Center, Room C, on Wednesday aernoons at 1 PM. We will watch one episode per week. Wednesday, September 8, we will view the first episode. All are welcome! Please contact Corliss Lovstad at or with your interest or for more informaon. 4 August 8, th Sunday in Ordinary Time

5 SUPPORT THE KNIGHTS ANNUAL PAPER DRIVE August 28 September 19 The Knights of Columbus Annual Villa Marie Paper Drive will be held from Saturday, August 28 through Sunday, September 19 at St. Patrick. Villa Marie is a Catholic school serving students challenged with down syndrome, ausm, developmental delays and other health impaired struggles located near Waverly, NE. Paper products of all kinds are needed by the schoolcopy paper, construcon paper, paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, etc. Leave your donaon in the Narthex any me during these dates. The Knights will collect the donated items each day and deliver them to Villa Marie on September 22. Your support is much appreciated! YOUTH GROUP ROOM REMODEL PROGRESS Now Known as The Peak We are thrilled to announce that our highly ancipated interior renovaon of the Youth Group Room in the church basement, now known as The Peak, has begun! Phase one is almost complete and we could not be more excited. As you can see in the pictures above, several teens along with adult volunteers helped to prepare the walls for a fresh coat of paint. The name, The Peak, was inspired by both Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassa and Saint Pope John Paul II. Both men were known to be adventurous and liked to hike in the mountains. One of Frassa s most popular quotes is, verso l alto meaning to the heights or towards the top! We pray that this space will provide a place for the youth to encounter Jesus as they climb the metaphorical mountain of our faith. The Peak is intended to be a teen hangout for aerschool socializing and will be used for our weekly youth group meengs throughout the school year. We look forward to providing our youth with a holy space to be teens, foster their relaonship with one another, and most importantly with our Lord. Stay tuned for more updates! THE KNIGHT S CORNER THE GIVING GARDEN The Giving Garden is set up in the Narthex! Please feel free to bring any excess vegetables from your bounful gardens to share with our parish. Be sure to check it regularly as people bring in new goodies to share. There are bags on the cart that you can use to take the produce you would like. SAVE THE DATE The Knights of Columbus Blood Drive will be Monday, September 13 in the Parish Center from Noon to 6 PM. Mark your calendars. More informaon coming soon. BECOME A KNIGHT TODAY Join men from all over the world, young and old, who work with local parishes and communies to follow a path where faith leads the way. Put your faith into acon today and become a Knight! To find out more contact John Schaffert at JOIN US ON FLOCKNOTE The Gretna Knights of Columbus is on Flocknote! Brother Knights, send a text with the leers STPGK to tosign up for communicaons via and text.help us spread the word to other Knights! Knights of Columbus Grand Knight, Joe Krajicek Deputy Grand Knight, John Schaffert Financial Secretary, Marty Stednitz Chancellor & Membership Director, Randy Meerian th Sunday in Ordinary Time August 8,

6 THE WEEK AHEAD 6 August 8, 2021 MASS INTENTIONS An individual may ask a Priest to offer a Mass for several reasons: for example, in thanksgiving, for the intenons of another person (such as on a birthday or if they are ill), or, as is most common, for the repose of the soul of one who has died ( ). We must never forget the infinite graces that flow from the Sacrifice of the Mass which benefit one s soul.to request a Mass intenon, stop by the Parish Office to schedule. A minimum of $10 per Mass is requested. MONDAY, AUGUST 9TH No Communion Service or Mass TUESDAY, AUGUST 10TH 6:00 PM Bruce and Jolene Jefferies WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 11TH 7:30 AM Eleanor Pra THURSDAY, AUGUST 12TH 7:30 AM Dorothy Randazzo FRIDAY, AUGUST 13TH 7:30 AM David Distefano SATURDAY, AUGUST 14TH 5:00 PM Joe and Dorothy Randazzo SUNDAY, AUSGUST 15TH 8:00 AM Jerry F. Ostransky 10:00 AM Bey Moran 12:00 PM s and Benefactors Let us pray for all those affected by COVID19. Pray for Jacob Vawlter (great nephew of Sharon Laughlin and Al Wilde), Mike (son of Cleo Nienaber), Michelle Jeffrey (daughter of Kathleen Krantz), Leo Sonderman (father of Stephanie Adams, our Preschool Director), Kathy Fitzpatrick, Norm Hanson, Pete and Judy Bartman, Dan and Loree Schloesser (nephew of Tim Gilligan), Susan Hoovy (sisterinlaw of Jim and Tam Hoovy), and Donna Kopf. Pray for Chris Curs (daughter of Peggy Curs), Julie Pohar (sister of Jodi Rupiper), Nolan Schultz, Mike Petersen, Cecil Wortman, DeDra Robb and Reece Biner, (grandson of Bruce Jefferies). Pray also for all our parishioners who are homebound, hospitalized, and in nursing homes, and for all our parishioners and loved ones who have recently passed away. To add a loved one to the prayer line, please call Corliss Lovstad at or her at SUNDAY, AUGUST 8TH 19TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME 7:30 AM, 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM RosarySanctuary 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, Noon Mass Sanctuary 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM Parish BreakfastParish Center and Kitchen 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM BapsmSanctuary and Narthex MONDAY, AUGUST 9TH 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Women s CRHPParish Center C 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM Bapsmal ClassFather Hitch Room TUESDAY, AUGUST 10TH 5:30 PM to 5:50 PM Rosary (before Mass begins at 6:00 PM)Sanctuary 6:30 PM to 6:40 PM Our Lady of Perpetual Help Devoon (aer Mass)Sanctuary WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 11TH 7:00 AM to 7:20 AM Rosary (before Mass begins at 7:30 AM)Sanctuary 8:00 AM to 8:15 AM Liturgy of the HoursBy the Tabernacle 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM Newcomer s DinnerParish Center THURSDAY, AUGUST 12TH 7:00 AM to 7:20 AM Rosary (before Mass begins at 7:30 AM)Sanctuary 8:00 AM to 11:59 PM Eucharisc AdoraonSanctuary 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM Men s CRHPFather Hitch Room FRIDAY, AUGUST 13TH 12:00 AM to 7:15 AM Eucharisc AdoraonSanctuary 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM Men s Faith SharingFather Hitch Room 7:00 AM to 7:20 AM Rosary (before Mass begins at 7:30 AM)Sanctuary 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM Women s Faith SharingFather Hitch Room SATURDAY, AUGUST 14TH 4:00 PM to 4:40 PM ConfessionConfessional 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM Rosary (before Mass begins at 5:00 PM) Sanctuary SUNDAY, AUGUST 15TH THE ASSUMPTION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY 7:30 AM, 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM RosarySanctuary 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, Noon Mass Sanctuary EUCHARISTIC ADORATION Please consider spending just one hour each month adoring Jesus Christ during our Exposion ofthe Blessed Sacrament. Jesus asks Peter the queson, Could you not spend one hour with me? Exposion begins on the second Thursday of the month, August 12, aer the 7:30 AM Mass and concludes Friday morning before the start of Mass (reposion at 7:15 AM).This is your opportunity to spend personal me with Jesus. He is here and lovingly waing for you to come. The blessings are eternal. For more informaon, contact Jean Hlavacek at IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY DEVOTION Month of August is Dedicated to this Devotion The Immaculate Heart of Mary gives us an example of how we as Chrisans should love. AsPope Paul VI said: May the Immaculate Heart of Mary shine before the eyes of all Chrisans as the model of perfect love toward God and toward our fellow beings; may it lead them toward the Holy Sacraments by virtue of which souls are cleansed from the stains of sin and are preserved from it. May it also smulate them to make reparaon for the innumerable offenses against the Divine Majesty. Lastly, may it shine like a banner of unity and a spur to perfect the bonds of brotherhood among all Chrisans in the bosom of the one Church of Jesus Christ, which taught by the Holy Spirit, honors her with filial affecon and piety as a most beloved mother. 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

7 LAY MINISTER S SCHEDULE The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary AUGUST 14TH 5:00 PM Sacristan Larry Neppl Lector (Read Both 1st and 2nd Readings) Karen Meyero Standby: (if a sub is needed) Jayne Schram EMHCs Joe Marik (North and South Transepts) Sharleen Marik (South Nave) Standby: (if a sub is needed) Kevin Riley Kathy Tasler Ushers Ken Beckman Chris Lingbloom Mike Tasler Jeff Wollenburg Rosary Reciter Jayne Schram Altar Servers Need Sub Need Sub Need Sub Greeters Mary Kratochvil Mike Latenser 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time AUGUST 15TH 8:00 AM Sacristan Lori Frederick Lector (Read Both 1st and 2nd Readings) Sandy Scheef Standby: (if a sub is needed) Carrie Hubert EMHCs Laura Fischer (North and South Transepts) Tim Gilligan (South Nave) Standby: (if a sub is needed) Rob Polak Lori Frederick Ushers Tom Nienaber Larry Scheef Bob Sis Marty Stednitz Rosary Reciter Tim Gilligan Altar Servers Kaylee Frederick Colton Westra Luke Westra Greeters Gordon Yager Irene Harris AUGUST 15TH 10:00 AM Sacristan Andi Towey Lector (Read Both 1st and 2nd Readings) Jolene Jefferies Standby: (if a sub is needed) David Burke EMHCs Judy Huber (North and South Transepts) Bob Huber (South Nave) Standby: (if a sub is needed) Dennis Cannon Phyllis Cannon Ushers Clint Bollock Dan Dauner Kathy Dauner Bruce Jefferies Rosary Reciter Judy Weier Altar Servers Need Sub Need Sub Need Sub Greeters Jusn Hammers Ty Tucker If you are unable to serve at your assigned time, please kindly find a substitute. The Parish Office greatly appreciates your help, support and patience as we work together in providing Mass to our parish family! If you are scheduled as a standby please check in when you arrive at Mass in the Sacristy. AUGUST 15TH NOON Sacristan Ginny Giebelhaus Lector (Read Both 1st and 2nd Readings) Rebecca Campbell Standby: (if a sub is needed) Eric Hiner EMHCs Norma Hintz (North and South Transepts) Deanna Tompkins (South Nave) Standby: (if a sub is needed) Darcy Skrdla Ginny Giebelhaus Ushers Noah Ference Ginny Giebelhaus Ron Kotrous Mary Zeigler Rosary Reciter Norman Svoboda Altar Servers Need Sub Need Sub Need Sub Greeters Mary Zeigler Need Sub Vocaons Crucifix Jim Reinig PARISH STAFF PASTOR Fr. Gregory P. Baxter Residence Emergencies (if facing danger or death), call: DEACONS Deacon Ken Broz Deacon Steve Grandine Deacon Larry Heck PARISH OFFICE Jolene Jefferies, Parish Mgr , x203 Megan Seamann, Communicaons Associate x202 Judy Weier, Secretary , x201 DIRECTOR OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Shane Fagan DIRECTOR OF PRESCHOOL EDUCATION Stephanie Adams PASTORAL MINISTRY (LITURGY, YOUTH GROUP & RCIA) Gabrielle Bash , x212 PASTORAL MINISTRY (ELDERLY, HOMEBOUND & FUNERALS) Francesca Dammermann , x204 MUSIC MINISTRY Tracy Hoye PARISH CENTER COORDINATOR Lezlie Thomas FACILITY MANAGER Judy Knight , x206 PASTORAL COUNCIL PRESIDENT Leisa Sheldon FINANCE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN Kevin Kaup HOLY SEPULCHRE CEMETERY Jerry Thoendel KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Joe Krajicek AMERICAN HERITAGE GIRLS TROOP #NE-0508 Pam TRAIL LIFE USA TROOP #NE-0508 Brian August 8,

8 VOLUNTEER FOR RE During the School Year ATTENTION GREETERS Scheduling has Begun Beginning this weekend, August 78, we will be scheduling Greeters again for the weekend Masses. Please see Page 7 of the bullen to see the Liturgical Minister Schedule. If you have any quesons about Greeng at Mass please contact Gabrielle Bash at or ext CHRIST RENEWS HIS PARISH A Weekend of Renewal A year ago, I was a new parishioner at St. Patrick. I knew no one, and there weren t very many opportunies to meet new people with the COVID restricons. I was invited to aend a Christ Renews His Parish weekend, and the decision to aend was one of the best ones I ve made at St. Patrick thus far. I met so many people in the parish that I connue to see regularly and it was a great opportunity to rest and reflect on my relaonship with our Lord. Megan Seamann, parcipant of Christ Renews His Parish, Team 10 How oen do we think about doing something for ourselves spiritually to refocus our priories and lives? That is exactly why St. Patrick Catholic Church offers Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP). CRHP is a weekend focused on personal renewal and ulmately, renewal as a spiritual community. The Christ Renews His Parish fall weekends will be held September 11 and 12 for the women and October 9 and 10 for the men. Now is the me to commit to these weekends. Please go to the parish website, hps:// stpatricksgretna.org/mesmerize/getinvolved/christ renewshisparish/ to register or contact Barb Applegate at with any quesons. PRAYER TO BE LIKE MARY Father, You prepared the heart of the Virgin Mary to be a fing home for Your Holy Spirit. By her prayers, may we become more worthy of Your glory. Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us! We are currently looking for volunteers for our Religious Educaon program next fall. This is a great way to give back to St. Patrick parish and help our young people grow in faith. There are many ways to help with different levels of involvement. Catechists or cocatechists plan and present weekly lessons, with lessons and materials provided. Office helpers help each week during class with copying, filing, etc. Monitors can help for a short 15 minutes before Wednesday classes in the parking lot or the Commons Room downstairs. Substutes fill in for catechists when needed and if they are available. Lessons and acvies are provided. Babysiers help watch catechists younger children each week during class. All volunteers must complete Safe Environment Training with the Archdiocese of Omaha. If you have any quesons about volunteering, please contact Shane Fagan at or You can sign up online at hps:// stpatricksgretna.org/mesmerize/educaon/religiouseducaon/reform/. REGISTER FOR RE TODAY School Year Registraon for Religious Educaon (Kindergarten9th grade) has begun! Online forms are available on the Religious Ed page at We have a variety of class mes: Sunday mornings, and three mes Wednesday aernoons and evenings. We also hope to connue offering smaller class sizes for a beer learning environment. Remember, classes are filled first come first served so fill out your form today! If you have any quesons please contact Shane Fagan at PRESCHOOL FOURS CLASS Registration is Open for Do you have a child who will be 4 by October 15, 2021 who is ready for a structured curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and play based? Our FOURS morning preschool program meets on either Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Friday morning from 8:4011:10 AM. This program is specifically designed for those students who already recognize their colors and shapes and are ready for the challenge of a preschool curriculum.if you are interested in more informaon, visit our parish website, hps://stpatricksgretna.org/ mesmerize/educaon/preschool/. WEDNESDAY EVENING ADULT BIBLE STUDY RETURNS Save the Dates The Bible Study Planning Team is excited to announce the resumpon of the Wednesday evening adult Bible Study series. The last two sessions of the Romans study that were cancelled in March 2020 due to the pandemic will be held in the Parish Center on August 25 and September 1, from 7 PM to 8:30 PM. Previouslyregistered parcipants are invited to complete this study. Our new study,jesus: The Way, the Truth, and the Life, a 10session study will begin on September 8 at 7 PM. Watch for future registraondetails.praise be to Jesus! EUCHARISTIC REFLECTION "The Eucharist is the memorial of Christ's Passover, that is, of the work of salvaon accomplished by the life, death, and resurrecon of Christ, a work made present by the liturgical acon. It is Christ Himself, the eternal high priest of the New Covenant who, acng through the ministry of the priests, offers the Eucharisc sacrifice. And it is the same Christ, really present under the species of bread and wine, who is the offering of the Eucharisc sacrifice." Catechism of the Catholic Church, August 8, th Sunday in Ordinary Time

9 MASSES AND TEARS: THE SAINT MONICA PROJECT Praying for Those Who Have Left the Faith UNIVERSAL DEVOTION Though this devoon, and the prayer that goes with it, was wrien from the perspecve of parents in relaonship to their sons and daughters who have fallen away from the Church, this devoon can always be used for any of our relaonships among family and friends and even those whom we don t even know. All are welcome to insert into the specific prayer of this devoon any person of any relaonship, the actual name of a person, or even all those who are away from the Church. MASSES All are encouraged to have Masses offered in your local parishes for those who have le the Church. Masses can be offered for specific individuals by name, for a loved one to return to the pracce of the Faith, for a fallenaway, or for my grandfather, my brother, etc. and by any other descripon with which you and your parish priest are comfortable using. THE IMAGE The image for the Masses and Tears devoon will be helpful to people who must persevere in their prayer for loved ones. Though there is nothing new, no new insight, associated with this devoon, the image brings together a number of reminders for those persevering in prayer. Whether hanging in a church or chapel or home or on a holy card in our favorite prayer book, the image speaks a reminder of some aspect of our relaonship with God the Father or of some aspect of our prayer for others. Monica s tears remind us that the pain of a loved one estranged from God can always serve a purpose when we offer that pain to the Father in union with the Son. The arches remind us we never go through this alone; the Church is always at prayer for her wayward sons and daughters. Most especially, the rays remind us that God is always working even when it seems as though He may not be acve. This is the real power of the image. Every me we look at the image, some aspect of the image has the power to strike at our heart and mind, liing us up, encouraging us to persist and persevere. WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO? 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Artwork by Sondra Jonson SLJonsonStudios.com If you think this devoon can help someone you know, send them a holy card or the brochure or both or one of the other materials. Prayer cards and brochures can be found in the kiosk in the Narthex at St. Patrick. Consider sharing this devoon with another parish priest or staff member to bring knowledge of this devoon to more parishes. DEVOTIONAL MATERIALS They are free of charge, but donaons are always welcome to cover the costs. Items available: brochures, notecards, Mass cards, prayer cards, canvas and photo prints. For more informaon on these materials and to learn more about the Saint Monica Project, go to MassesandTears.WordPress.com or THE SAINT MONICA PROJECT PRAYER O Almighty God, full of goodness and compassion, you mercifully accepted the prayers and tears of Saint Monica and poured an abundance of your grace upon her son, drawing him to yourself in the midst of Divine Providence. Through her intercession, I come before you now, humbly seeking the same abundant grace for my (son/daughter). In your unring love, restore (him/her) to Christ and Your Church, through whom you give every grace and blessing. Loving Father, I beg for myself also the grace never to part from you by my sins. Trusng in the providenal care you have for all your children, I ask you to connue to draw me more securely into your Fatherly embrace. I make this prayer through our Lord Jesus Christ your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God for ever and ever. Amen. Blessed Monica, you who occupy a privileged place in Heaven, by the power of your proven intercession obtain for my (son/daughter) the grace of an inmate friendship with Jesus Christ in this life and glory with Him forever in the life to come. Amen. MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES LAY LITURGICAL MINISTRY Gabrielle Bash , x212 PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY Sue Orosco LEAST OF MY BRETHREN Sign Up Genius link to volunteer.hps:// go/30e0a4ea8ab2aa6fd0lomb10 CHURCH CLEANING Sign Up Genius link to volunteer.hps:// tabs/13576de05a0c8eccfa81church Megan ADVERTISE FOR YOUR MINISTRY GROUP Does your parish ministry group have opportunies for others to get involved? Contact Megan Seamann, about geng your parish ministry group opportunies adversed. REGISTER FOR RCIA TODAY Learn More About the Catholic Faith The Rite of Chrisan Iniaon of Adults or RCIA is a process through which unbapzed adults and children over the age of 7 are formed in the teachings and pracces of Catholicism and are iniated into the Catholic Church. This process also includes adults or children who have been bapzed outside the Catholic Church but wish to prepare to receive the sacraments of Confirmaon and Eucharist. Aending classes is inno way a commitment to join the Catholic Church but simply an opportunity to learn more about the faith and discern if you feel called to join. Classes are open to all who are interested in learning about the faith, Catholics are invited to aend as well! Classes begin on August 26 but registraon for the new class of candidates has already begun. If you are interested in aending please register online though our parish website, hps://stpatricksgretna.org/mesmerize/educaon/ faithformaon/rcia/. Or feel free to contact our RCIA coordinator, Gabrielle Bash, at August 8,

10 AROUND THE ARCHDIOCESE HELPFUL RESOURCES AL-ANON (ALCOHOL TREATMENT OMAHA) Phone Website.... alanon.org BOYS TOWN NATIONAL HOTLINE Phone Website.. CATHOLIC ANSWERS Phone Website CATHOLIC CEMETERIES Grief & Healing Counselor Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Gretna CATHOLIC CHARITIES OMAHA Phone Website...ccomaha.org CATHOLIC VOICE ONLINE Website.. catholicvoiceomaha.com COURAGE (PASTORAL SUPPORT SAME-SEX ATTRACTION) Phone Website....couragerc.org EWTN (GLOBAL CATHOLIC TELEVISION NETWORK) Phone Website... HOLY FAMILY SHRINE Phone Website..holyfamilyshrine.com LEAST OF MY BRETHREN Phone Facebook MARRIAGE RESOURCES For Your Marriage Retrouvaille Retrouvaille. MASS TIMES NATIONWIDE Phone Website.... NEBRASKA HOMESCHOOL NETWORK Website....nebraskahomeschool.org POPE PAUL VI INSTITUTE (FERTILITY HELP) Phone Website.... RACHEL S VINEYARD (ABORTION HEALING) Phone Website. SPIRIT CATHOLIC RADIO FM Phone Website. ST. BENEDICT CENTER (RETREATS IN SCHUYLER) Phone Website...chrishekingpriory.com/sbcabout ST. JOHN PAUL II NEWMAN CENTER Phone Website...jpiiomaha.org STRIVE (BREAK FREE FROM PORNOGRAPHY) Phone Website..strive21.com WOMEN S CENTER FOR ADVANCEMENT (DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, HUMAN TRAFFICKING, ETC.) 24/7 Hotline Website...wcaomaha.org 10 August 8, 2021 SOCIETY OF ST. VINCENT DE PAUL OPENS NEW THRIFT STORE W. CENTER RD The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is excited to announce the opening of our newest, largest store at W. Center Road, conveniently located between thetjmaxx and Burlington stores in Westwood Plaza.Come check us out A bargain is waing for you!we have clothing, furniture, household goods, and terrific new maresses!open 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Saturday and 12 PM to 5 PM on Sundays.Donaon drop offs are easy and gratefully accepted at the back door of the store.more locaons include: 90th and Fort, 807 Tara Plaza, 2101 Leavenworth and 5037 S. 24th. See the website for more informaon, The Society of St. Vincent de Paul serves neighbors in need throughout the community with food, rent, ulies, household goods, clothing, medical bills and more. You can help, shop, donate, volunteer, and connect. EPS BREAKFAST FOR LIFE ST. VINCENT DE PAUL PARISH CENTER, AUGUST 14 Essenal Pregnancy Services (EPS), providing costfree, life affirming services to women facing unexpected and under supported pregnancies since 1973, invites you to its 11th Annual Breakfast for Life hosted by the EPS Auxiliary. The in person event on Saturday, August 14, will start at 9:30 AM in the St. Vincent de Paul Parish Center (14330 Eagle Run Drive, Omaha) and will feature a connental breakfast and a keynote address by Mary E. Buckley, a local author, prolife advocate, and awardwinning nurse educator. Her book, I Knew You Before You Were Born: A Pregnancy Memoir, tells the inspiraonal story of her choice for life as a single, unwed mother sll in nursing school. Registraon is $40 per person. Seang is limited. Register, sponsor and donate online at bidpal.net/bfl21 or contact Dawn for assistance registering at or CHICKEN DINNER AND BAZAAR HOLY TRINITY PARISH, BRAINARD, AUGUST 15 Holy Trinity Parish (623 North Madison St, Brainard) is hosng a Chicken Dinner and Bazaar on August 15 from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM. The day will begin with a Mass a 10 AM. The bazaar will feature a bake sale, games for children, raffle and Polka music. The acvies will be held in the aircondioned Church and Klein Center in Brainard and on the parish grounds. The dinner features chicken, potatoes and gravy, homemade rolls and kolaches, corn, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, coleslaw and pies. The cost is $15 for adults and $8 for children, 12 and under. Drive thru meals will also be available. ROAST BEEF DINNER STS. CYRIL AND METHODIUS, PRAGUE, AUGUST 29 Enjoy a funfilled day with the Plasi parishioners on Sunday, August 29 from 11 AM to 2 PM! Make the trip to the Prague Parish Hall (224 Center Ave, Prague) for a roast beef dinner with loads of sides, including kolaches! Try your hand at our bake walk and $1,000 raffle. Purchase delicious baked goods from our masterful bakers. A wide variety of unique items will be waing for your bid at our aucon. Meal prices are $14 for adults, $6 for 5 to 10 year olds, under 5 eat for free. BISHOPS PRO-LIFE BANQUET AND CONFERENCE LINCOLN, SEPTEMBER The Nebraska Catholic Conference is excited to invite you to the 2021 Bishops' ProLife Banquet and Conference on September This annual gathering joyfully brings together Nebraska's Bishops, clergy and religious, and prolifers from across the state to celebrate the Gospel of Life.This year's theme is "A People of Life and For Life: The Next 25 Years of Evangelium Vitae". Visit necatholic.org or more info and to register! 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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