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1 St. Katharine Drexel Lecia Chavez, Secretary John Lamperis, Evangelizaon Pat Weis, Director of Religious Educaon Reconciliaon: Weekdays 7 Religious Educaon Registraon is available on the website. Bullen Submial 10 days in advance. 31 st Sunday in Ordinary Time Before the Lord the whole universe is as a grain from a balance or a drop of morning dew come down upon the earth. But you have mercy on all, because you can do all things; and you overlook people s sins that they may repent. (Wisdom 11:22-23) St. Katharine Drexel s joyful spirit invites us to a deeper appreciaon of Christ s love for us

2 Music in a Sacred Space Writer Dan Barry recounts the following story when he was a guest around a hospice bed, in an essay in Commonweal Magazine, from September 2019: A few family members and friends gathered in the stillness of her small Manhattan apartment. They spoke in whispers. Wine and cheese were served on a small table in the living room. All the while, she lay in a hospice bed on the other side of a white wall. Her illness had overshadowed her fifty-fourth birthday a few weeks ago, after which doctors informed her that nothing more could be done. A decade of consults and chemo and surgery and radiation and living from drug trial, back to chemo, back to radiation, and now there was nothing more. Our friend reeled, then regained her balance. She made plans. There was a trip to the ocean, and then a fine meal. And music, perhaps an opera with soaring arias conveying all of humanity s wonder and woe. Yes. Live music, she said, in command as always. But cancer disrupted once more. When she came back too weak to leave her apartment, one of the friends who had been caring for her struck upon an alternative plan. Into the apartment of awkward rumors entered Larisa and Josh, friends of a friend of the friend they all shared. Larisa Martinez is a gifted soprano who performs in major opera houses around the world. Joshua Bell is a world-renowned classical violinist who had come directly from the airport after returning from another command performance. When the time was right, Josh removed his Stradivarius from its case, crossed the divide into the bedroom and introduced himself as Josh. They said you liked the music, so, he said. We live in the neighborhood. We thought we d drop by. And Josh began to play: Meditation, a violin solo from the Jules Massenet opera Thais. Everyone in the apartment sat transfixed, Dan Barry writes. The music seemed to weep as it soothed, summoning all fifty four years of life...the caress of strings transported us to someplace well beyond the Chelsea apartment. We returned only when Josh summoned the last sorrowful-sweet note and raised his bow. The violinist and the soprano left as quietly as they arrived. We followed soon after leaving our dear friend in her sacred space. In the stillness of a woman s final moments, two musicians give of their time and talent to bring the peace that is only of God to the sacred space of her hospice bed. In our own humble and seemingly inconsequential efforts at kindness and understanding we can bring to our own homes the salvation that Jesus brings to the house of the faithful Zacchaeus. God s salvation comes when we transform our place or any place in to a sacred space through compassion, generosity and forgiveness. Peace, love and joy, Father Bob October 26 & 27, 2019 Attendance Sunday Collection... $6, % Tithe... Between Friends Food Pantry Housewarming at SKD The rectory building project is going well. It is our hope to have construction completed by the end of the year and have Fr. Bob all moved in sometime in January. Many of you have expressed a desire to purchase a household item that is needed to get the rectory ready for its inhabitants. In an effort to make it easy for anyone who wants to purchase a housewarming gift, a gift registry has been created to include multiple retailers at myregistry.com. Items have been carefully selected to accommodate the residents of this rectory in a variety of price ranges, keeping household budgets in mind, so anyone wanting to purchase a gift can do so. To search the registry, enter the name Katharine Drexel and a listing of items and locations will come up. If you prefer to go directly to a store, Crate and Barrel, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, Menards and Pottery Barn are the retailers listed on myregistry.com. All searches require the name Katharine Drexel. Gifts can be dropped at the parish office or shipped directly. We are coming up on our 11 th anniversary as a parish, and together we have accomplished amazing things. Building a residence for our current pastor, a retired priest, and the clergy of the future is an accomplishment we can all be proud of. Once everything is moved in and Fr. Bob is settled, we will host an open house so the people of SKD can take a tour to see what we have achieved. Look for more information to come after the first of year. Thank you all so much for your generosity, we can t wait to celebrate this great accomplishment together!

3 Liturgical Ministers For the weekend of November 9 & 10, 2019 Saturday, 4:30pm Servers: Katilyn Schuhler Natalie & Dylan Sanagustin EOM: Lou Parker Dcn. Mike Lane Sharon Poss Marge Roe Andrea Thayer Greeters: Linda Kennedy Lynn Pesola Lectors: Annette & Frank Gallagher Sacristan: Carol Andrisen Ushers: Mike Aloisio Doug d Autremont Michael Kennedy Greg Nevills Music: Bonnie Werthmann / Stephanie Heusinger Sunday, 7:30am Servers: Gabe & Tia Ybarra EOM: Janice Babush Ellen Batorson Linda Brinkman Lisa Long Scott Young Greeters: Ray & Barb Wolson Lectors: Rocky May Matt Cousins Sacristan: Jane Brickert Ushers: David Feddor Dan Long Henry Lozinski Robert Ybarra Music: Bonnie Werthmann / Julie Gilbert Sunday, 9:00am Servers: Rose Striedl Volunteers Needed EOM: Sheila Crews Dcn. Mark Chaplin Dianne Gurney Carol Rojek Katie Russo Greeters: Mark & Katie Russo Lectors: Matt Striedl Volunteer Needed Sacristan: Barb Rauscher Ushers: Jean Lindsay Robert McNamee Michael Powaga Volunteer Needed Music: Rejoice Adult Choir Sunday, 10:30am Servers: Ben Kozial Noah Reilly Substitute Requested EOM: Kevin Farrell Mary Rudnicki Judy Strohschein Bill & Angie Skoglund Greeters: Jane Brickert Mary Paulson Lectors: Sharon Streit Michele Kellen Sacristan: Barb Rauscher Ushers: Anthony Aiello Thomas Bower John Liszka Substitute Requested Music: Dave Kovach / Mike Scheinholtz / Cathy Kovach / Mandie Kolarik EUCHARISTIC ADORATION The Divine Plan Have you ever considered the plan that God has for you? In Adoration sometimes we ask for direction, but a PLAN? And if a PLAN, what might it be? Come to Adoration Wednesdays, 8am-7pm, and meditate on what Divine Plan for your life our sweet Lord has for you. Nov. 6-for one night only-a 105 minute film by Robert Orlando is being shown. It remains the least known story of the 20 th Century; Ronald Reagan and John Paul II. A plot with a president and a pope, an unlikely pair who combine deep faith with political acumen and high octane star power, 2 assassination attempts, KGB scheming, CIA intrigue and the final act to topple the Soviet Empire. It s worth calling the local movie houses to check where it s being shown. Sanctuary Lamp Intentions Week of November 4 Dr. Donald Miller Requested by: Jan Fallmaier Monday, November 4 7:30am Doris Okerblad Requested by: Vicki Kloehn Tuesday, November 5 7:30am Debbie Eck Requested by: Terri Konen Wednesday, November 6 7:30am Tami Pedraza Requested by: Leon Pedraza Thursday, November 7 7:30am Bob & Ginny Kramer Requested by: Helen Kramer Friday, November 8 7:30am Rachel Sabotta Requested by: Paula Sabotta Saturday, November 9 4:30pm Stark & Durrenberger Families Requested by: Kathy Durrenberger Sunday, November 10 7:30am Maxine Jensen Requested by: Mary Ann White 9:00am Catherine Cizek & Ellen Stola / The People of SKD Requested by: Tim & Mary Stola 10:30am Florence Pzyzycki Requested by: Leila Heath Religious Education Calendar Nov. 3 Classes meet Teaching Safety lesson: grades 6 8 Nov. 10 No classes Nov. 17 Classes meet Teaching Safety lesson: grades 3 5 Nov. 24 Classes meet Family Mass for grade 6 at 9:00 and 10:30 a.m. Teaching Safety lesson: grades K 2 Dec. 1 No classes Dec. 7 (Sat) Sacrament of Reconciliation for 2 nd graders: 9:00 & 11:00 a.m. Dec. 8 Classes meet Confessions during class time: grades 8, 7, 6 Dec. 15 Classes meet Confessions during class time: grades 5, 4, 3 Dec. 22 No classes Dec. 29 No classes

4 Knights Corner Knights of Council Pies by the Guys Reminder: Pick up your preordered pies after any Mass this weekend. There will be a limited amount of pies available for purchase for $16 after each Mass. Vocation Raffle Books $15 Raffle books have 15 chances to win the $20,000 grand prize, or 19 other prizes ranging from $2,500 to $100. Grab a book or 2, fill them out and return them back at next week s Mass. All proceeds support Illinois Vocations. Vivat Jesus Men's Ministry Next Meeting November 4 th 4th Annual Christmas Cards Coming Soon Men s Ministry food donation to Hope Takes Action" receives a warm Thank You note: "BEST MEAL DONATION EVER." Women s Advent By Candlelight final prep for servants. Year-end Meeting December 9 th at American Legion Hall. Heart St. Katharine parishioners 55 years and older will meet for coffee at 9am the second Wednesday of each month at McDonald's on Route 47. We hope to see you Wednesday, November 13. Come join the conversation and get better acquainted with other parishioners who are 55+. Before you look in the yellow pages...try the back of the bulletin! Please support our advertisers! OD, hl rop y ln hnd. Pec a ec u. A. German Arroyo, Collin Backus, Max Brien, David Buttery, Tony Chavez, Richard Hauser, Fr. Jason Hesseling, Jack Hinterlong, Samuel Keilty, Brad Komes, Joshua Ledbetter, Eric Martin, Eric Ortlund, Ryan Quinn, John Reiland, Raymond Ritter, Jayson Rischl, Matthew Rischl, Alexander Schaefer, Jacob Smith, Bradley Wilson, Austin Zamora. If you would like to add a name, call the parish office or Nursing our Bodies Nursing our Faith Notes from our Faith Community Nurse Ways to Lower the Risk for Alzheimer s Disease The month of November is known as Alzheimer s Awareness Month. President Ronald Reagan made that designation in Alzheimer s disease is the most common type of dementia that leads to memory, thinking, and behavior problems. It is a disease that attacks the brain and destroys the brain cells. It is the most common form of dementia, accounting for percent of all the cases. This is the month set aside to bring awareness to this progressive and fatal brain disease that affects over 5 million Americans. While there is no known cure, I wanted to focus on the prevention research being done that looks at ways to lower the risk of Alzheimer s disease. Some of the surprising results for prevention are: Have coffee the caffeine from coffee may cut Alzheimer s chances by 65% in later life. The caffeine decreased the amyloid in animal brains. Floss your teeth elderly people with tooth and gum disease score lower on memory and cognition tests possibly due to the inflammation in your mouth and thus, migrating to the brain. Use the internet people years old showed improvement in their memory skills after one week of Web surfing for 1 hour a day. Develop new brain cells and keep them alive by exercising (this increases the blood flow to the brain), eating wild caught fish and plenty of fruits and vegetables (especially apples), getting enough sleep, limiting your alcoholic intake to no more than 1-2 alcoholic drinks per day, preferably red wine and maintaining a recommended weight. Protect your head from concussions, especially if you play sports. Professional football players have 19 times the typical rate of memory-related conditions. Alzheimer s is four times more common in the elderly with previous head injuries. Wear seat belts, fall-proof your home and don t take unnecessary risks. Meditate people who meditate frequently have less brain shrinkage and mental decline. Adoration is a great place to have some mediation time. Take vitamin D a serious vitamin D deficiency boosts elderly cognitive impairment by 394%. Check with your health care provider for a dosage recommended for you. Life experiences make your brain better equipped to tolerate the plaques and tangles of Alzheimer s: included in this is going to church, education, marriage, socializing, a stimulating job, language skills and demanding leisure activities. Avoid infection shocking new research ties Alzheimer s to cold sores, gastric ulcers, Lyme disease, pneumonia and the flu. This and much more information can be found at For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, Plans to give you a future and a hope For any questions, assistance or resources to improve your health, contact me at ext. x113 or at Peace, Mary Stola, RN, Faith Community Nurse Experience Pietra Fitness A fitness class that stretches, strengthens and tones the body while refreshing the soul with prayer. The next class is Monday, November 11 th at 6:15pm Starting in January Pietra class will be moved to every Tuesday at 9:15am to 10:15am in the Lower Level. Aurora Central Catholic Church 1255 N. Edgelawn Dr., Aurora Open House Sunday, Nov. 3 rd from 12:30pm 2:30pm All 6 th, 7 th, & 8 th grade families are welcome to attend. It is a great way to experience what the ACC family is all about as you will have the opportunity to go on a student-lead tour, attend classroom activities, and learn about all clubs, organizations and athletic teams.

5 YOUTH MINISTRY Pro-Life Corner Soul Patrol All 6 th and 7 th graders are invited to Wacky Bowling November 17 th. The event is OFF- SITE and Registration Forms are required in advance of the event. Every child must be accompanied by an adult and the registration fee is $25 per pair. Don t miss this super fun event at Funway Family Amusement Center in Batavia. Forms are available online or in the narthex. Sunday Night Live All 8 th 12 th graders are invited to our next event on November 17 th at 6:30 pm. There will be a spirited game of Jeopardy so don t miss the fun and excitement. Light of the World Parish Retreat Nov. 8 10, 2019 YOU would be a great addition! The aim of the retreat is to bring alive the Light of the Gospel within our parish. All speakers are from St. Katharine Drexel, and they were inspired to share their stories with you. Register today! More details and registration are in the narthex or on the SKD website Adorers Needed We are in need of volunteers to spend at least one hour in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament during the LOTW retreat on Saturday, Nov. 9 th between the hours of 7:30am and 6pm & Sunday, Nov. 10 th between the hours of 9am & 3pm. Please sign up in the narthex at LOTW table or call Susan McCannon at to schedule an hour of vigil during the retreat Advent by Candlelight Dec. 2, 2019 Registration begins Nov. 9 th / 10 th after all Masses. Coming November 26th SKD Holiday Giving Tree The St. Katharine Drexel Giving Tree will be on display from Nov. 26 th Dec. 15 th. More details coming soon. I just want you to know you are doing the right thing, a young woman pushing a baby carriage told 40 Days for Life vigil participants. I came here last year for an abortion, and there were some people praying. I have my baby now-all because someone was here. 40 Days for Life Updates from Manchester, New Hampshire This weekend, November 2 nd, completes this year s Fall 40 Days for Life campaign. This is a recent statement from Catherine Walker, the Aurora Vigil Leader. This year s vigil has been amazing. More first time attendees than ever before. So many touched by the gravity of what happens at this nations 3 rd largest Planned Parenthood. Over 50 churches have adopted days to pray. Thank you everyone at St. Katharine for making our first 24-hour 40 Days for Life vigil a success. St. Katharine Drexel s next day to pray at Planned Parenthood is Nov. 29 th. Watch the bulletin for details. Let s continue to light the way to put an end to abortion. St. Katharine Drexel Pro-Life Ministry St. Vincent de Paul Interested in learning more about the Society of St. Vincent de Paul or in working with local Friends in Need and living your faith? Join us at our next meeting: Wed., November 13 th at 6pm. Do you or someone you know need assistance? Call Great Lakes Catholic Men s Conference Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019 Through Him let us continually offer a sacrifice of praise to God Hebrews 13:15 What are you waiting for? Find out why close to a thousand other Catholic men, at all levels of faith, attend the longest running Catholic Men s Conferences in the Country each year! Be inspired and provide a boost to your faith life Conference speakers include former Chicago Radio Legend, Kevin Matthews; Chicago Cubs Chaplain, Fr. Burke Masters; Movie Producer, Eric Groth; and Evangelist and Dynamic Speaker, Dan DeMatte. The event will be emceed by the popular National Anthem Singer for the Cubs, Wayne Messmer. The 25 th annual Great Lakes Catholic Men s Conference will be held at the Holmes Student Center at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL, on Saturday, November 23, 2019 from 8:50a.m. to 4p.m. Registration includes lunch and parking. Cost is $45 after Nov. 1, $50 AT THE DOOR; $15 for college students or younger, $5 for deacons. For tickets or more information visit the Conference web site at

6 Monday, November 4 7:00am 7:30am Rosary/Confession 7:30am 8:00am Weekday Mass 7:00pm 9:00pm Men s Ministry in Rm 103 Tuesday, November 5 7:00am 7:30am Rosary/Confession 7:30 am 8:00am Weekday Mass 10:00am 12:30pm Canopy/Giant Steps in P.H. 6:30pm 8:30pm Youth Ministry Plan in Rm 104 7:00pm 9:00pm LOTW small group in Rm 103 7:00pm 9:00pm Bereavement in Rm 105/106 Wednesday, November 6 7:00am 7:30am Rosary/Confession 7:30am 8:00am Weekday Mass 8:00am 7:00pm Eucharistic Adoration in Church 6:30pm 8:30pm Advent by Candlelight Planning in Rm 103 7:00pm 9:00pm Worship Comsn. In Conf. Rm 7:00pm 9:00pm RCIA in Rm 105/106 Thursday, November 7 7:00am 7:30am Rosary/Confession 7:30am 8:00am Weekday Mass 9:30am 11:00am Bible Study in Rm 105/106 10:00am 12:30pm Canopy/Giant Steps in P.H. 3:30pm 6:00pm LOTW Set-Up 6:00pm 7:00pm Katharine s Joy in Church 7:00pm 8:30pm Rejoice Choir in Church Friday, November 8 7:00am 7:30am Rosary/Confession 7:30am 8:00am Weekday Mass 9:00am 11:59pm LOTW Retreat 10:30am 12:00pm Staff Meeting in Rm 105 Saturday, November 9 7:00am 7:30am LOTW Mass 8:15am 6:00pm LOTW Retreat 3:30pm 4:15pm Confessions 4:30pm 5:30pm Saturday Mass Sunday, November 10 7:30am 8:30am Sunday Mass 9:00am 10:00am Sunday Mass 9:15am 5:00pm LOTW Retreat 9:20am 9:55am RCIA BOTW in Conference Rm 10:30am 11:30am Sunday Mass Stroke Scan Plus Stroke Scan Plus will be at St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church on Friday, December 6, 2019 to provide lifesaving, wellness ultrasound screenings. It is important to perform preventive maintenance for ourselves yearly. Do you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, diabetes, or a family history of heart disease, stroke, abdominal aneurysm or internal cancers? If so, do not miss this opportunity for early detection of a possibly serious disease. These screenings are typically NOT performed at your annual check-up, and insurance companies may not pay for them unless you are symptomatic. Diagnostic versions of these screenings cost thousands of dollars in a hospital. Stroke Scan Plus will be offering them to you for$159 for all 7 combined ultrasound screenings (Stroke, AAA, AFIB & organs). Insurance is NOT necessary and appointments are limited. Stroke Scan will be available at the church for you to register for the December event on November 16 & 17, Or please call or toll free to schedule an appointment today for you or a loved one. The screenings will take place in rooms 105 & 106. Prevention is your key to quality health! Mass Intention Policy Our Mass book for 2019 has openings in December. We will open the 2020 Mass book on November 1 st. At that time, we will accept up to eight (only two can be weekends/holidays) Mass requests per family. As the parish continues to grow, requests for Masses are increasing. So, in order to be equitable to everyone, we are asking all to respect this policy. Requests for additional Masses beyond eight will be considered after January 1, 2020 based on availability going forward through the year. We understand that many of you have Mass intention needs that we are not able to satisfy. There are many orders who have priests available with whom you can schedule your Masses: Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in Aurora, , Benedictine Monks of St. Procopius Abbey , Marmion Abbey Additionally, the parish would be happy to take your Mass requests for our retired Diocesan Priests to say, however no specific date could be requested for those Masses. Offerings for Sanctuary Lamp In addition to offering a Mass for a loved one, you now have the opportunity to offer the lighting of the weekly sanctuary lamp for a loved one. We can accommodate one request per week and the suggested offering is $5. Please limit these requests to five until after January 1, Contact the parish office to make a request. Around the Community... CASA Kane County CASA Kane County is a nonprofit, volunteer organization that advocates for the best interests of 500 abused and neglected children within the Juvenile Court system. To learn how you can volunteer, donate or connect with CASA, visit us at or call us at Special Events: Nov. 7, Super Heroes The Q Center in St. Charles; Nov. 14, General Information CASA office in Geneva. Blue Mass November 7 th, 2019 at 6:30pm Holy Angels Church 120 S. Lancaster Ave., Aurora We invite everyone in our community to worship in appreciation for all our First Responders and their families. Sponsored by Knights of Columbus #4849. All denominations are welcome.

7 Your total well being is our highest AIM! The therapists you know and trust are in a new location! Come see DeeDee, Susan, Lisa, Trish & Lynne at AIM! 330 Division Dr., Ste B & E, Sugar Grove (630) REULAND S CATERING & DELICATESSEN Come in for a Lesson and get your Second Lesson for FREE (Limit one coupon per customer) 115 Oak Ave., Aurora www. reulandfoodservice.com Visit Today. Call Independent & Assisted Living, Memory Care. Presencehealth.org/foxknoll Contact Jeff Hansen to place an ad today! or (800) x Ashe Road, Lot J Sugar Grove (630) Commercial Industrial Residential (630) CABINETRY COUNTERTOPS TILE FLOORING FURNISHINGS Greg Millen, GM, Senior Designer Commercial Dr., Suite 9, Yorkville Culver s of Sugar Grove N Sugar Grove Parkway Lindsay & Associates, Inc. Structural Engineers (630) Garage Door Sales & Repairs Servicing All Makes & Models Residential & Commercial Squaw Grove Dental Keith Barnhart, D.D.S. New Patients Welcome W. Lincoln Hwy Hinckley Allan Garage Door Fast Local Service FOR SERVICE CALL (630) The Daleiden Mortuary 220 N. Lake Street Aurora Heating Ventilating Free Estimates Dr. Marguerite Stiefbold Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Individuals, Couples, Children & Families Consultation, Workshops & Seminars Parish Member CH Hager Excavating, Inc. Air Conditioning For ad info. call St. Katharine Drexel, Sugar Grove, IL B 4C

8 20% OFF purchase of eyeglasses *Some conditions apply St. Charles Elgin Foxvalleyeyes.com (630) Cell: (630) License # Action Cindy Ellis Sugar Grove Resident (630) Fox River Insurance FOX RIVER INSURANCE John Schutzius 520 Redwood Drive, Suite 2, Aurora (630) Membership Auto Home Life Annuities Nelson Funeral Homes & Crematory Nash-Nelson Hinckley & Waterman SARAH GOSS Local Realtor & Parishioner Larson-Nelson Yorkville & Plano Sandwich 1275 S. Countyline Rd. (815) Philip S. Nelson, Director COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE CARE We feature Contact Jeff Hansen to place an ad today! or (800) x2683 Brian R. Tonner, D.D.S. Michele L. Bruno, D.D.S. Salvador Cardenas, D.M.D. David M. Gorenz, D.D.S Dr. Brian Tonner, Parishioner 541-W. Sullivan Road, Aurora, IL (630) fairviewdental.net Fox Valley Community Services Helping Seniors Live Active, Independent Lives Since Offering Adult Day and Home Services Spacious Reception Hall for Rent Hiring Aides, Call State Farm Providing Insurance & Financial Services Derek Eastman Agent Route 47 across from Fireside Grille Hour Good Neighbor Service Carry Out & Delivery Pizza, Pasta, Sandwiches, Soups, Salads, Pies & Catering & more Hours: Mon-Thu 11am-10pm Fri-Sat 11am-11pm Sun Noon-10pm 98 S. Main St., Sugar Grove (630) N. Main St., Elburn (630) General Contractor for Home Remodeling Home Renovations Home Restoration (Including Roofing, Gutters, Siding, Windows, Doors) We guarantee quality service for every project Contact us for your FREE ESTIMATE Jonathan A. Bieritz, AIA President Founder Parish Family David L. Altosino Sr. Project Manager Parish Family #1 CHOICE OF TOP MECHANICS MIDWEST QUICK LUBE & TIRE (630) S. Main St. Sugar Grove JB Architecture Group, inc N. Route 59 Suite 124 Naperville, Illinois jbarchitecture.com Creating Magnificent Homes For Over 25 Years Ryan Zink Financial Advisor Parishioner (630) Big Rock, IL Call/Txt Healy Chapel Fifth Generation, Family Owned Since Division Dr., Sugar Grove W. Downer Pl., Aurora GIVE YOUR FAMILY THE COVERAGE IT DESERVES Tom Sorfleet Your Local Agent 76 S MAIN ST STE B SUGAR GROVE, IL Call today! 1942 US Route 30 Sugar Grove, IL Hours: Sun-Wed 6am-3pm Thur-Sat 6am-9pm Special Offer 10 % OFF Not valid with any other offers Jennifer Konen Real Estate Broker Licensed in Illinois Cell: Parishioner Michael E. Bond D.D.S. PC Caring for your family as our own 200 N. Washington St., Ste. 102 Naperville, IL (630) For ad info. call St. Katharine Drexel, Sugar Grove, IL A 4C