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1 ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL DHRANGADHRA Academic Session: 00-1 Worksheets for Class III SUBJECT: ENGLISH Q1 FILL IN THE BLANKS USING IS/ AM/ ARE: 1. My brother a doctor.. You my best friend. 3. Where my books? 4. It an elephant. 5. She working on her computer. 6. The dog barking. 7. The baby sleeping. 8. We waiting for them. 9. I a boy. 10. Birds flying in the sky. 11. Today my birthday. 1. What your name? 13. I fond of flowers. 14. they your team- members? 15. Kanika and prabhat siblings. 16. Amzad and I scared of dogs. 17. The school closed. 18. I going to the Mughal Gardens. 19. Mr.NarenderModi the Prime Minister of India. 0. These tulips pretty.

2 Q FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH WAS / WERE: 1. I crossing the red light when accident took place.. Sheena at home yesterday. 3. You very busy on Monday. 4. Where they playing. 5. Reena and Meena late for school. 6. There many visitors in the book fair. 7. Grandmother knitting pullovers for us. 8. The giant very cruel. 9. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru the first Prime Minister of India. 10. You and I ready for the magic show. 11. My uncle surprised to see me. 1. Snow White a beautiful girl. 13. Why you plucking flowers? 14. Those mangoes ripe. 15. Ashu and I eating pizza. 16. It very hot and humid yesterday. 17. Subhash Chandra Bose a great freedom fighter. 18. Swami Vivekanand very popular among the people. 19. We celebrating Holi in our colony. 0. Jantar Mantar a famous monument.

3 SUB : HINDI (खण ड क अपठ त ) प रश न 1 न म नन नखत अपठ त गद य श क पढ़कर प छ गए प रश न क उत तर द न ए- एक ग म एक ग र यय रहत थ उसक द बच च थ एक दद त आ ध आय त हवयय च ग उसक द बच च डर गए ग र यय द बच च क प ययर स द ख रह थ और डर रह थ तभ एक डय नगर गय उ कय घ स य नगर गयय बच च भ नगर गए एक बच चय कह नगरय और एक बच चय कह और ग र यय डय क च आकर मर गय एक बच चय एक सयध क आश रम म नगरय, त एक बच चय एक डयक क पयस नगरय एक अच छ बयत स ख रहय थय त एक ट र वय भयषयद कय पय प षण अ ग अ ग ढ ग स ह रहय थय (क) ग म क रहत थ? (ख)उसक दकत बच च थ? (ग)उसक बच च क य डर गय? (घ) बच च कहय - कहय नगर? (ङ)द बच च क यय स ख रह थ? (खण ड ख व ययकरण) प रश न - उनचत द यय शब द स खय स थय भठरए- (क) म बयत ह (स य ) (ख) रयधय ह ( यच य ) (ग) बच चय ह (स य ) (घ) हम र ज़ चयनहए ( हय य ) प रश न 3-ददए गय नवश षण शब द स वयक य प र कर न नखए - ( स दर, ऊ चय,प ययर, कय, गरम ) (क) य मकय ह (ख) बच च ख रह ह (ग) क य ह (घ) यह नतत ह (ङ) सद ह कपड़ पह

4 प रश न 4 - न म नन नखत क ल ग छय टकर न नखए- (क)घ ड़य (ख)चयचय (ग) खक (घ)भयई (ङ) मय प रश न 5 - न म नन नखत शब द क वच बदन ए- (क)तयरय (ख)नतत (ग) ड़क (घ) बच च (ङ)मय य प रश न 6 - च न ख वयक य क सह करक न नखए - (क) रयधय आ ह यएगय (ख) रयम ग द स ख रह ह (ग) र ह बस म यत ह (घ) नपतय खय य खयत ह (ङ) नबल द ध प रहय ह प रश न 7 - च न ख वक यय श क न ए एक शब द न नखए - (क) आज ञय मय तय ह (ख) अ ग क मय य पह तय ह (ग) बह त दयय रखतय ह (घ) बग च क द खभय करतय ह (ङ) कनवतय पढ़तय ह (च) नचट ठ य वय य (खण ड ग रच यत मक कययय) प रश न 1- अच छ बर आ पर दयदय क पत र न ख प रश न 13 - म रय न मदद पर अ च छ द न नखए प रश न14- ब रयई कय फ कहय न नखए

5 Sub : Maths WORKSHEET Write the numeral for: Nine thousand four hundred thirty Five thousand three hundred twenty five Forty five thousand eight hundred six Fifty six thousand nine hundred seven : : : : 1 Write expanded form : 653 = = = = What is the place value of 6 in 637? 1 Encircle the correct one 4 3 digit greatest number is (a) 999 (b) 111 (c) Mohan s House number is 5 hundred thousand 7tens and 4 ones (a) 547 (b) 547 (c) Which one is the smallest? (a) 1111 (b) 0 (d) Read the abacus and write the numeral and its number name 8 Write the following numbers in short form (i) = (ii) = 9 Counting by ten, write number starting from: 130,,,, 10 Rewrite the numbers in ascending order. 345, 4351, 4361, 13 WORKSHEET - 1 Rewrite the numbers in descending order. 5670, 9900, 3456, 5780 Put > or < sign in the blank (i) (ii) Write in column and add Add: (a) (b)

6 5 Without adding, fill in the blanks: (i) = (ii) = 6 Find the estimated sum by rounding to nearest tens Subtract: (a) (b) Write in column and find the difference Fill in the blanks (a) 9 0= (b) = 10 Simplify:

7 SUB : EVS 1. Choose the correct option: a. The vehicle which can travel on water is the - i. Car ii. Steamer b. To send an important message to a friend immediately, we uses a- i. News paper ii. Mobile phone. c. Moving air is calledi. Weather ii. Wind d. This festival is celebrated to honour the victory of Ram over Ravanai. Dussehra ii.pongal e. Satyameva Jayate meansi. Truth alone save ii. Truth alone triumphs f. The brightest star in our solar system isi. Sun ii. Neptune. g. The place where ships load and unload is called a- i. Airport ii. Port h. This is a satellite of the earthi. Moon ii. Jupiter i. If we need to send a letter written by hand, we visit the i. Bank ii. Post office. j. The most common means of transport is i.water tansport ii. Land transport.

8 . Fill in the blanks: a. We our thoughts and feelings through means of communication. b. The earth is the planet from the sun. c. is also known as farmer s friend.. d. There are spokes in the Ashoka Chakra of our National Flag. e. machine is like a typewriter. f. People like to visit stations during summers. g. The is the fastest means of communication. h. The family of the sun is called the. i. is celebrated after a long month of fasting. j. is the coolest month of the year. 3. Write T for the true and F for the false statement : a. The sun is not the centre of the solar system. ( ) b. For Road safety, we need follow various rules. ( ) c. The lion is our national animal. ( ) d. Each large group or cluster of stars form the Milky Way. ( ) e. Most people travel on land by steamers. ( ) 4. Write in one word: a. Season of heavy rains. b. A group of stars arranged in a particular pattern. c. Indian alphabet. d. The money that a country uses. e. Electronic mail. f. A fast train system in large cities.

9 g. A body in a space that moves around a planet. h. 15 th August is celebrated as. i. Main road connecting cities. j. Free kitchen in gurudwaras. 5. Match the followings: A B a. FAX i. Public Call Office b. Autumn ii. The days are cold. c. Kesaria iii. 0 October. d. Cakes iv. Facsimile Machine. e. PCO v. Ashoka Pillar. f. Winter vi. Saffron. g. Gurupurab vii. The trees lose their leaves. h. Sarnath viii. Onam. i. Gandhi Jayanti ix. Christmas. j. Boat race x. Birthday of Sikh Guru. 6. Answer the following questions in short. a. Name any two constellations. b. Who composed the national anthem? c. What is atmosphere? d. Name the festivals that we celebrate during winter season. e. What does our flag remind us of? f. Name any three hill stations of India. g. What connects big cities? h. Name the five seasons in a year.

10 i. What is hibernation? Give examples. j. Name any three harvest festivals of India. 7. Detailed answer questions: a. What you mean by Internet? b. How do seasons affect our lives? c. Why India is called a land of festivals? d. Give any three reasons why we need to travel? e. What are satellites? How are they different from stars? f. Why the earth is called a special planet? g. Why do we celebrate Eid Ul-Fitr and how do we celebrate it? 8. Draw the diagram of: a. Solar System and name all the planets in the Solar System. b. Water cycle and label it..