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1 SACRED HEART ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH 201 St. Mary's Avenue P.O. Box 1390 La Plata, Maryland (301) FAX (301) NOVEMBER 28, 2021 FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT (301) (Sacramental Emergencies) PASTORAL STAFF & OFFICES REV. SCOTT WOODS, Pastor REV. JACK A. BERARD, Parochial Vicar REV. MR. WILLIAM CARTER, Permanent Deacon REV. MR. MATTHEW C. LAIDLEY, Permanent Deacon REV. MR. ALBERT E. GRAHAM, JR., Permanent Deacon, Retired PARISH OFFICE: 205 St. Mary s Avenue (301) Office Hours: MonFri 9:003:00PM Mrs. Concetta Schmitz, Office Manager Mrs. Christine Knecht, Finance & Human Resources Mrs. Caitlin Milby, Receptionist ARCHBISHOP NEALE SCHOOL: 104 Port Tobacco Road (301) or (301) Grades PreK thru 8. After school day care. Mrs. Teresa Skinner, Principal RELIGIOUS EDUCATION AND ADULT FAITH FORMATION: Mr. William Wannall, Pastoral Associate (301) , Ext. 107 MINISTRY TO HOMEBOUND, HOSPITAL & NURSING HOMES: Mrs. Julie Ferrero, Coordinator (301) YOUTH MINISTRY: Ms. Anna Albrittain, Director (301) , Ext. 105 MUSIC MINISTRY: Mrs. Crista Fawls, Director (301) FACILITIES AND MAINTENANCE: Mr. Michael Knecht (301) NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING: Mrs. Ellen Blumhardt (301) MENTAL HEALTH THERAPY: Ms. Caitlin Langreich, M.A., LGPC, CCTP (301) WEEKEND MASSES: Saturdays: Vigil Mass at 5:00 PM (Rosary at 4:20PM) Sundays: 7:00 AM, 9:00 AM & 12:00 PM 8:00 AM at St. Joseph s Monastery (Carmel) DAILY MASSES: Monday thru Friday 12:00 Noon 7:15 AM at St. Joseph s Monastery (Carmel) Wednesday 7:00 PM Saturday 8:00 AM (Carmel), 9:00 AM (Sacred Heart) SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION (CONFESSION) First Fridays: 6:00 7:00 PM Wednesdays: 7:30 8:30PM Saturdays: 4:00 4:45 PM By appointment ADORATION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT: 7:308:30 PM each Wednesday in the Main Church FIRST FRIDAY: Confessions 6:00 7:00 PM Mass & Devotions to the Sacred Heart at 7:00 PM SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM: For children (children younger than 7), parents should fill out the online Request for Baptism form and then contact Caitlin Milby at at least one month in advance to schedule a date and attend a preparation class. SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE: Couples must contact a priest or deacon at least 6 months before the anticipated date. The bride or groom must be a parishioner of Sacred Heart. Marriage preparation program is required. RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION OF ADULTS (RCIA) RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION OF ADULTS (RCIA) Please call Mr. William Wannall in the parish office to arrange for Please call Mr. William Wannall in the parish office to arrange for the instructions about our faith. Classes are held on Tuesdays the instructions about our faith. Classes are held on Tuesdays (September thru May) from 7:008:30 PM (September thru May) from 7:008:30 PM RELIGIOUS EDUCATION PROGRAM: We are an affiliate parish of the St. John Paul II Regional Faith Formation Program. K thru Grade 8, meets Sundays, 10:20 11:30 AM at ANS, September thru May. HOLY COMMUNION FOR THE SICK: To arrange for a home Communion call please contact Julie Ferrero at or call the parish office. SACRAMENT OF THE ANOINTING OF THE SICK: To arrange for the Sacrament, please contact the parish office. MARIAN DEVOTIONS: Weekly during May & October. Miraculous Medal Novena/Rosary after 9 AM Sat. Mass. Rosary on Saturday at 4:30 PM before 5:00 PM Vigil Mass. PARISH COUNCIL: Meets September through May. YOUTH GROUP: For students in grades 612, see website for calendar events. PARISH MEMBERSHIP: Welcome new members to our parish family. Please register as soon as possible. The registration form can be found on our website. To be eligible for admission to our Religious Education program, reception of the Sacraments or to receive testimonial letters for sponsorship outside the Parish, an individual must be a registered participating member of the parish, known to the pastor, attend the sacraments and supporting the ministries of the church. ITEMS FOR UPCOMING BULLETIN DUE TO PARISH OFFICE BY 12 NOON MONDAY

2 S H C, L P SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 28, FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT 7:00AM Repose of the soul of Rev. Bernard J. O Leary, SJ 8:00AM Deceased relatives, benefactors & friends of Carmel 9:00AM Sacred Heart Parishioners 12:00PM Repose of the soul of Richard Doutt MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29, ADVENT WEEKDAY 7:15AM Deceased relatives, benefactors & friends of Carmel 12:00PM All Souls TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, SAINT ANDREW APOSTLES 7:15AM Deceased relatives, benefactors & friends of Carmel 12:00PM All Souls WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1, ADVENT WEEKDAY 7:15AM Repose of the soul of Wm. Johnston 12:00PM Repose of the soul of James Barney 7:00PM Repose of the soul of Monsignor Otero THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2, ADVENT WEEKDAY 7:15AM Repose of the soul of William Meany 12:00PM Deceased of Charles County FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3, SAINT FRANCIS XAVIER, PRIEST 7:15AM Repose of the soul of Rev. Herbert 12:00PM Repose of the soul of Jeff Lane 7:00PM Intentions of Carol Humphret SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4, ADVENT WEEKDAY 8:00AM Repose of the soul of Sister Mary Teresa Branson,OCD 9:00AM Repose of the soul of Traci Renner 5:00PM Sacred Heart Parishioners Please note that the 8AM Saturday and Sunday Masses, and the 7:15AM daily Mass take place at Mt. Carmel Monastery. All other Masses are celebrated at Sacred Heart. Martin Spellacy, Frances Woytas, Timothy Knott, and Thomas Washington Please pray for our sick Brandi Cain, Rev. Eamon Dignan, Rebecca Morris, Mary Barrasso, Janice Valdisera, Joan Johnson, Frances Franch, Brian Stack, Noel Edelen, Carol Humphrey, Mary Hammond, David Jones, Paula Miles, Monique Lamoureux, Floyd Whalen, Pat Howell, Jeni Carrier, Jan Bond, Wayne Neumann, Barbara Bowie, Barbara Weaver, Don Larsen, Barbara Segert, Nicholas Pell, Victor Pineda, Rosa Wacke, Elizabeth Campbell, Andy and Millie Havrilla, Margie Simpson, William Jung, Brenda Carignan, Kass Harker, Toni Gallagher, John Bawner, Dave Forbes, Elroy Hemsley, Elva Yates, Julia White, Rose Radcliff, Fritz & Jane Hoffmann, Joe Gardiner, Cindy Brigman, Maggie Wyman, George Jackson, Gianna Grace, Jamie Seith, Randy Martin, David & Kathryn Newman, Mary Krug, Marilyn Hoffmann, Carolyn Posey, and Mikey Raymond. Names will remain on the above prayer list for 60 days from the time they are requested. At the end of that time, you may renew your request. First Friday December 3, 7:00 PM Mass with all-night Adoration Additional Times for Confession Friday, December 3, 6:30 8:00PM Friday, December 24, 10:00 AM 12:00 Noon Feast of The Immaculate Conception Tuesday, December 7 7:00 PM Vigil Mass Wednesday, December 8 7:15 AM (Carmel), 12:00 Noon, and 7:00 PM Morning of Recollection for the Parish Saturday, December 11 Beginning with Mass at 9:00 AM 12 Noon Christmas Concert Sunday, December 19 5:00 PM Reception following in Friendship Room Mass w/healing Prayers Wednesday, December 22 7:00 PM Daily Mass Change Friday, December 24 6:30 AM Christmas Masses Friday, December 24 5:00 PM (Children s Liturgy) 8:00 PM 9:00 PM (Carmel) 12:00 AM (Midnight Mass) Saturday, December 25 10:00 AM (Carmel) 11:00 AM Solemnity of Mary Mother of God Friday, December 31 5:00 PM 11:30 PM (Carmel) Saturday, January 1 10:00 AM (Carmel) 11:00 AM

3 FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT Priest's Corner Let the Decorating BEGIN!!!! I hear that Fr Larry was against decorating till close to the end of Advent. In traditional Catholic country s for many years the Christmas tree and the other decorations only went up on Christmas Eve. Now thanks to the desire of many stores to put us all in the Christmas mood, or should I say the shopping mode, they start to decorate at the end of Thanksgiving or even at the end of the All Hollows Eve Celebrations. This has led some to feel that we too should wait to buy and decorate our tree and put-up lights. I personally believe that we can make the Christmas preparations into Advent celebrations. It all depends on whether we take seriously the call to really center it all on Jesus or on shopping and buying. How can we do this? Make the Advent Wreath the center of your dining room table or living room set. Actually, pray as a family lighting the candles before every dinner. Another reason to eat dinner as a family. And if your single another way to remember that you are not alone, Jesus is in the House! As you decorate yours house make sure the Nativity Scene is at the center (without the baby). Then make it a tradition to put the baby in the Nativity scene only after you return from Christmas Eve Mass and have the youngest child who is able take the honor. As you buy your tree make sure that you have plenty of ornaments that emphasizes the faith. Teach the children and teens about the Christian meaning of why we have ever green trees and wreaths, and candy canes, and holly. Instead of saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, say Blessed Advent or Happy Advent! When non-catholics or lapsed Catholics give you that strange look for offering an unfamiliar greeting, you now have a chance to talk about the advent season and to evangelize!!! Advent is one of the shortest seasons of the whole liturgical calendar, and yet it is one of the most beautiful and mysterious. Let us use the time as an opportunity to enter into the mystery of the incarnation. The days become darker from this time till Christmas. The nights become colder, and there will be a temptation to enter more into the secular preparations for the Christmas Season. Yet Advent is the churches invitation to enter into the best preparation one can make. Let us live this Advent well and we will have even more reason to rejoice at Christmas! Your Father and Brother in Christ, Fr Scott SACRED HEART CHRISTMAS CRAFT FAIR SATURDAY, DECEMBER 49:00 AM2:00 PM Friendship Room, 201 St. Mary s Avenue, La Plata, MD Food and Bake sale availablecome and shop for homemade crafts, Christmas gifts, vintage jewelry, tie dye crafts, aromatherpahy oils, and so much more. ContactMaria Mosher at Preparing the Manger Where do you fall in the ChristmassongsinNovember debate do you like them, tolerate them, or outright hate them? There s no theological problem with Christmas songs in November outside of worship, even if it s not everyone s cup of tea. But there is a problem with getting so caught up in the baggage of the season the trimmings, the gifts, the celebrations, all of which are marvelous in their own way that you forget to prepare the manger. Every good Catholic knows that Lent is a penitential season. It s hard to miss that point Lent doesn t even have any fun songs you can groove to on the radio. We are pretty good at recognizing that Lent calls us to examine ourselves. To deny ourselves. To give of ourselves. And most of all, Lent calls us to prepare, as a good steward does, for the return of our master. It s harder for us to remember that with Advent, but Advent is just as much of an opportunity for penance, preparation, and reconciliation to God and just as much reason, too. The very name of the season advent encourages us to focus on what is coming, not what is already here. Be on guard, the readings tell us today, so that your hearts are not weighed down with dissipation and drunkenness and the worries of this life, and (the coming of the Lord) catch you unexpectedly, like a trap. So let us not forget our master s advent is upon us. And let us ask ourselves: how can we prepare the manger? Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS CHRISTMAS CONNECTION STOCK- INGS. Please fill your stocking with inexpensive new items. Return your filled stocking to Sacred Heart church no later than Sunday, December 5. Please place the items inside the Ziploc bag inside the stocking to keep items from getting separated. When you return your filled stocking to the church, please place it in the white basket. CEMETERY NEWS LPi In honor of All Souls during the month of November the giving tree, located in the narthex, will be available for donations. Money collected will be used for updating the Glen Albin entrance to the parish cemetery and redesigning the center island. Thank you for your generosity. Cemetery Regulations for November 1 March 31 Flowers, solar lights and ornamentation are permitted on gravesite. No glass containers, candles, garden flag stakes, hanging planters or shepherd poles. No planting of trees, plants or flowers. Thank you for your cooperation.

4 NOVEMBER 28, 2021 Serving Moms in Need this Advent Each year during Advent, we prepare our hearts to celebrate the birth of Christ our Savior at Christmas. As we anticipate this joyful celebration, we recall the journey of the Holy Family from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Far from their home, poor, and in great need, Mary and Joseph find refuge in a simple stable. This humble setting among livestock soon welcomes the heavenly host of angels and the infant Jesus, Himself. Today women in our own communities are pregnant, poor, perhaps without a home, scared, overwhelmed, not knowing where to turn. In challenging circumstances, expectant mothers need a refuge of their own. Like the Holy Family, they may be reliant on the kindness of others. This year, may the story of the first Christmas inspire us to reach out to mothers in need. May we proactively seek to offer loving care and encouragement as they prepare to welcome their children. By answering this call, may we help mothers experience the joy, hope, and peace brought by the infant Jesus. May we, too, share in and bear witness to the miracle of new life. The Catherine Foundation is a local pregnancy help center assisting with pregnancy testing, counseling, and material assistance. More information is available on the Sacred Heart Parish website on the Respect life page. THIS FRIDAY IS FIRST FRIDAY. Devotions will take place here at Sacred Heart beginning with Confessions from 6:30 to 8:00PM. A rosary is prayed at 6:30PM and Mass is celebrated at 7:00PM, with all nightadoration. All parishioners are encouraged to spend an hour with our Lord. This will be the best time you spend on earth this Advent.! Do you want our Lord to give you many graces? Visit Him often. St. John Bosco UPCOMING EVENTS December 4Sodality Craft Fair December 11Morning of Recollection for the Parish Beginning with Mass at 9AM12 Noon December 19Christmas Concert 5:00 PM Open House following in Friendship Room December 227PM Mass followed by healing prayers January 27SafeNights ARCHBISHOP NEALE SCHOOL Get those Gift Cards from Archbishop Neale School Get your gift cards early! We stock Weis Markets, Safeway, Giant, Food Lion, Hunan Star, BJs Club, Ledo s, Panera Bread and Starbucks ready for walkin sales every Friday, from 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P. M. online are Kohl s, WalMart, Best Buy, Target, Shell and all your favorites just tell us what cards you want and we place order for you! Call the Certificate Office at any Friday and we will help you get started to order online at (our Nonprofit Enrollment Code is LB28LFAD816). Card orders placed by Monday will be sent to the school and ready for pickup on Friday. Bring your check or cash when you pick up your cards. Substitutes Needed Archbishop Neale School is in need of substitute teachers. If you are interested, please contact the school office at for more information. Any applicant must be in full compliance with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington s Child. "Sacred Heart is hosting SafeNights the week of January 2-7. This is the program in partnership with the LifeStyles organization to help house and feed homeless residents of Charles County during the winter months. More information about opportunities to donate to this ministry will be provided in the near future. We are in urgent need of a coordinator for the daily cleaning during our week. Please contact Hugh Gardiner if you are able to help or have questions about SafeNights or Please continue to pray for those less fortunate in our community!" In search of a pianist/or organist to help out at the weekend Masses. If you are interested and would like to know more information, please contact Crista Fawls at or her at 100 years of service to our Parish! We are asking Servant Leaders to join us to Support, Help and Serve our Priests and community in any needs or services. Please contact Steve Urso at or call The Knights of Columbus are selling their annual state raffle tickets starting this weekend after all Masses. We will be outside the parish for next few weekends. Grand Prize is $20,000 each ticket cost $1.00 All proceeds go to charitable efforts. Please consider generously buying some raffle tickets.

5 R Raymond Funeral Service, P.A Traditional Funeral Cremation and Monuments 5635 Washington Ave., La Plata Michael Raymond, Bart Yates, & Diana Wilkerson Edward L. Sanders Insurance Agency, Inc. Auto Home Business Contractors Workers Comp 10 Washington Ave. La Plata, MD (301) (301) (301) West Dares Beach Rd. Prince Frederick, MD (410) (301) Your Best Insurance Is A Good Agent. THIS SPACE IS Contact Douglas Shaller to place an ad today! or (800) x Locations in Charles and St. Mary s County CHARLES COUNTY DERMATOLOGY ROBERT S. BERGER, M.D. Assistant Professor Johns Hopkins University MARY F. FARLEY, MD JONATHAN SMITH, MD MELISSA SCORZA, MD MATTHEW MORRISSEY, MD MEGHAN BERGER POCIUS, PA-C MARIA READY, PA-C MEAGAN SIMPSON, MD JACOB AJA, PA-C Diplomates of the American Board of Dermatology Fellows of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Skin Cancer MOHS Surgery Acne Warts SculpSure TempSure Botox Office Hours By Appointment Monday thru Friday 4225 Altamont Place, Unit 3, White Plains, MD Tel: Ad info Publication Support Sacred Heart, La Plata, MD

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