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1 Holy Spirit Parish A 29, 2021 O P C S. M C 236 Eldridge Road Wells, ME (207) FAX (207) Weekday Mass: 8 AM Weekend Masses: Saturday 4 PM Sunday 7, 9, & 11 AM S. M C 30 Portland Road Kennebunk, ME (207) FAX (207) Weekday Mass: 9 AM Weekend Masses: Saturday 4 PM Sunday 8 & 10 AM C S M M C Saturdays 33:30 PM A S C (through 9/5/21) 45 School Street Ogunquit, ME Weekend Masses: Saturday 5:30 PM Sunday 8:30 & 10 AM Our P S Fr. Fred Morse, Pastor Deacon Darrell Blackwell O Diane W. O Neil, Manager Rosanne Smith Ruth Shrader Paula Moses Lisa White C Donald Webber Mark Reeth F M Timothy Gallant, Supervisor Jesse Ouellette F F Carolyn F. Houston, Director Rosanne Smith Coordinator of RCIA L M Mark Reeth, Coordinator

2 H S P The Faith Formaon team invites you... Our parish is blessed with an amazing group of volunteers who are helping to form the faith of our parish children. We are in need of catechists (teachers) and assistants forseveralgrades atbothchurch sites, as well as people to serve as faith techs to provide extra assistance to children with disabilies. The faith formaon office invites you to think and pray about whether you might be called by the Holy Spirit to assist with the faith formaon of our parish children. Being a catechist, assistant, or faith tech is a wonderful opportunity to give back to our faith community, and to share the love of Jesus with the next generaon of Catholics. There are openings for people with all levels of knowledge, abilies, and me. Some classes are held on Sunday mornings and others on Monday aernoons. Materials and support are provided, as are training and background checks. Classes begin on Sunday, September 26 th. To volunteer, or for more informaon, please contact Carolyn Houston at , , or by T C C C C, call Rosanne Smith at (207) For Prayer Line Requests: Contact Judy Hyotte at (508) or Homebound Parishioners: Those wishing to receive Holy Communion, please call (207) Registraon for youth faith formaon (religious educaon) for the academic year for kindergarten through high school is ongoing. Youth classes begin on Sunday, September 26. While we hope to offer classes for kindergartenthroughseventh grade at both church sites on Sunday morning, and at St. Mary's on Monday aernoon, classes will depend on the availability of volunteer catechists and enrollment. The 8th 12th grade classes will take place on Sunday mornings at St. Mary with carpooling from St. Martha. Classes are provided for children of all abilies, including those who have developmental, intellectual, sensory, physical, or behavioral disabilies. Registraon is required for all children, regardless of age, or whether they have parcipated in Faith Formaon at Holy Spirit Parish previously. Preparaon for Confirmaon and First Communion is a twoyear process (typically in first and second grades), thus families are encouraged to enroll their preschool and kindergartenaged children in the programs in order to develop familiarity with faith formaon prior to the sacramental preparaon years. Faith Formaon Family Handbooks with registraon forms are available in the church offices, in the narthexes, and on our parish website atwww.holyspiritme.org. The handbook contains an academic calendar, a descripon of programs and policies, and other faith formaon related informaon. For addional informaon, please contact Carolyn Houston at , , Please note that our extra summer Masses will continue through next weekend only. After Labor Day, there will no longer be a Mass on Sundays at 7 AM in Wells, and All Saints Church in Ogunquit will close for the season. 2

3 22 S O T THIS WEEKEND: August 28 & 29 5:30 PM All Saints (O) Msgr. Sniezyk Saturday: 4 PM (K) Claudette Shuler by Ray & Diane Mailhot 7:00 AM St. Mary (W) Fr. Greg 4 PM (W) Robert Podoski by Gloria Ryan 8:00 AM St. Martha (K) Fr. Morse 5:30 PM (O) Gennaro Annuniata by Meillina Abbott 8:30 AM All Saints (O) Msgr. Sniezyk Sunday: 7 AM (W) Pat Maroney by Diane O Neil 9:00 AM St. Mary (W) Fr. Greg 8 AM (K) Hannah Johnson by her family 10:00 AM St. Martha (K) Fr. Morse 10:00 AM All Saints (O) Msgr. Sniezyk 8:30 AM (O) Charlotte Streeter by Sue & John Freeman 11:00 AM St. Mary (W) Msgr. Murphy 9 AM (W) For the Holy Spirit Parishioners Schedule subject to change. 10 AM (K) Alan L. Foster by the family Reconciliation on Saturdays 10 AM (O) Kevin O Neil by his wife 33:30 PM at St. Martha & St. Mary 11 AM (W) Mariette Hebert by Rachel & Jerry Juneau THIS WEEK: August 30September 3 Monday: 8 AM (W) Kevin Mazure by his parents 9 AM (K) Sebastian Reale by Bill & Mary Barry Tuesday: 8 AM (W) Jane Cribari by Patti Wilson 9 AM (K) Gertrude Fleming by Paula Moses Wednesday: 8 AM (W) Ralph DiSano by his sister Angela DiSano 9 AM (K) Rev. Brendan Harnett by the MacDonald Family Thursday: 8 AM (W) Jane Jaynt by Lou Ann Cusa 9 AM (K) Betty Talbot by Joan Fowler Friday: 8 AM (W) Richard Levasseur by his family 9 AM (K) Bob Shrader by Carmine & Barbara Dolce NEXT WEEKEND: September 4 & 5 Saturday: 4 PM (K) Kathleen O Loughlin by Friends of Riverside Camp Ground 4 PM (W) Joe Gagnon by Jeannette & Roger Lambert 5:30 PM (O) For the Holy Spirit Parishioners Sunday: 7 AM (W) Pat Maroney by Joanne Colley 8 AM (K) Ann Burnham by Mary Foster 8:30 AM (O) Emil Masi by his wife & family 9 AM (W) Colin Faherty by Anne Noyes 10 AM (K) Claire Jean by Ray Jean 10 AM (O) Ruth Dooley by Diane O Neil 11 AM (W) Mariette Hebert by Rachel & Jerry Juneau Locations: (K) Kennebunk; (W) Wells; (O) Ogunquit The flowers at the altar at St. Martha are in memory of Alan L. Foster by the family. The sanctuary lamp at St. Mary burns for Richard McGlynn by his family. 3 CELEBRANT SCHEDULE September 4 & 5 4:00 PM St. Martha (K) Msgr. Murphy 4:00 PM St. Mary (W) Fr. Morse A P W WP D The Naonal Directory for Catechesis states that, "The whole community of faith needs to be aware of the presence of persons with special needs within it and be involved in their catechesis" (NDC, 49). Catholics believe that all people are made in the image and likeness of God, and that all the bapzed share in the life and mission of the Church. This includes people from every range of ability. As a parish, we are mindful and respecul of families who have children with disabilies. At mes, due to the behavorial aspects of some atypical condions, parents of children with disabilies become nervous that their child may not be welcome during the celebraon of Mass. As a faith community, let us strive to be paent, respecul, and helpful to individuals with disabilies. Let us also find ways to support and assist their families to make it easier for them to worship together as a family. As brothers and sisters in Christ, each one of us has an essenal place at the table, and we are all enriched and blessed by one another as we become one Eucharisc community of faith.

4 W/K/O This weekend is the second commitment weekend for the 2021 C A. If you have not yet pledged, please prayerfully consider a gift which will support and benefit our diocese and parish in crucial ways. Thank you to all who have already made a commitment! In addition to your regular weekly offering, you may donate to special collections through WeShare. How to create a WeShare account: 1. Visit holyspiritme.org and click Give Online. 2. Click on the collection to which you d like to donate. 3. Click Recurring Donation ; enter your donation amount and frequency. Thank you! MASK UPDATE Bishop Deeley strongly RECOMMENDS that, regardless of vaccination status, masks be worn by all persons in church during Mass and other inchurch functions. SACRAMENTS B: To register, call Diane O Neil at (207) R: Saturdays, 33:30 PM, at both churches. (Appointments may also be made for the by calling the office of either church) M: Pastor must be contacted six months prior to the desired wedding date. S S: Call at any time. If you know that you will be admitted to the hospital, please call the office to make arrangements to receive the sacrament. Also, please notify the office if you re aware of a parishioner being hospitalized. For more information, please call or Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament F, S 3 St. Mary Church after the 8 AM Mass St. Martha Church after the 9 AM Mass Adorers are invited to stay and pray until 9:30 and 10:30, respectively. R P Timothy Draper 4

5 22 S O T The Diocese of Portland is providing a number of different resources to explain the importance of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine as an act of protecting and preserving the common good. You are free to share any/all of the resources on your parish website, social media platforms, and bulletins. To view the resources, visit BacktoMassResources. Maine Catholics, non-practicing Catholics, and non-catholics are encouraged to visit the new Welcome Home section on the Diocese of Portland website at On the page, one will discover information about returning to Mass in Maine, messages from Bishop Deeley, the importance of attending Sunday Mass, reflections on Sunday readings, columns about the beauty and gift of the Eucharist, videos from Pope Francis, and much more. The section will be frequently updated with additional material and resources. P R A rosary group meets every evening at 7:30 PM on Zoom. The link is in the right column of the home page of the Parish website. M R L Maine Right to Life (MRLC) is a state affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee and is a nonprofit corporation. Founded to protect the dignity and worth of each human being, Maine Right to Life advocates at the state level for safe healthcare, supporting our most vulnerable, and protecting our seniors. It also helps provide resources to women in need. MRLC seeks to uphold the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death by making abortion, infanticide, doctorassisted suicide, and euthanasia socially, ethically, and legally unacceptable, and to actively promote positive alternatives. They are seeking compassionate defenders and promoters and hope you will join them. To learn more, visit P R/U Name (s): Street: City: Zip: Phone: New registration Change of address Moving out of parish Change of address Request envelopes If you are new to the parish, or you have a new address or phone number, please complete this form and place it in the collection basket, or mail to: Holy Spirit Parish, 236 Eldridge Road Wells, ME or or 5

6 A 29, 2021 S. M C P: canned meats, pasta sauce, baked beans (standard size), ketchup, mustard, relish. S. M E F P: canned pasta, pork & beans, hash, small mustard, cookies, dish detergent, empty egg cartons. T S. M T, 2:305 PM. SPIRITUAL EXERCISES OF ST. IGNATIUS: 19 TH ANNOTATION RETREAT Has Pope Francis prayerfulness and simplicity caught your attention? Would you like to know what it is that underpins Pope Francis spirituality? Do you sense Jesus inviting you to come away with him for a while? Do you desire to learn how to pray more deeply? Do you wonder how that can happen in the busyness of your daily life? Are you in need of making a major decision? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the 19 th Annotation of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius might be just what you are looking for. Commonly called The Retreat of Daily Life, it runs mid September through midmay. Meetings are held weekly on Wednesdays, with the option of morning or evening sessions. Sessions are about 1 1/2 hours long and take place via Zoom. FMI, please call Maureen Fulford ( ) or Ellie Flavin ( ). September 10-12, the Diocese of Portland will team up with the Diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire, to offer a young-adult retreat (for ages 21-35) on rest and renewal at Camp Marist in Effingham, New Hampshire. The goal is to offer participants a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in which they can rest from the busy world and renew in mind, body, and spirit. The retreat will include social and free time, time for prayer, talks, smallgroup sharing, and more. The cost is $125. For more information, contact Hannah Gonneville in the Diocese of Portland s Office of Lifelong Faith Formation at (207) , extension 7885, or The purpose of Catholic Young Adult ministry in the Diocese of Portland is to deliver comprehensive programming for young adults with catechesis being the foundation upon which such programs are developed. It provides leadership, resources, services, retreats, and conferences for the education, formation, and evangelization of young adults and their families, promoting their important role in the Church in the process. Bulletin insert requests must be submitted by Friday at noon (8 days prior to the weekend for which being requested. Earlier deadlines are required based on holidays). Send 6

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