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1 St. Paul Catholic Church ~ St. CharlesBorromeo, Haiti, Sister Parish ~ T h e L o v e o f C h r i s t I m p e l s u s t o b e a U n i t e d p e o p l e t o s e r v e o u r g o d January 31, 2021 MASS SCHEDULE WEEKEND MASSES Saturday : 4:00 pm & 5:30 pm Sunday: 7:00 am, 8:30 am 10:00 am DAILY MASSES Mon. Fri: 7:00 am T & Th: 8:20 am School Mass CONFESSIONS Saturday: 3:00-until all are heard OR Anytime by appointment Our Mission Embrace the God who loves you; Engage in our community that journeys with you; Serve the world that needs you. This is the heart and soul of what we are about as faithful followers of Jesus Christ at St. Paul Parish in Highland, Illinois. PARISH OFFICE HOURS Monday-Thursday: 8:00 am 4:30 pm Friday: 8:00 am 3:00 pm CONNECT Phone: Fax: Website: Facebook: /St-Paul-Catholic-Church Address: th Street, Highland, IL 62249

2 Fr. Pat s Pen Fr. Pat Jakel, Pastor HAPPY CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK!!! CAMPUS GROWTH TEAM CHAIRMAN MESSAGE Dear Fellow Parishioners, As chairman of the capital campaign/campus build, one facet of my responsibility, is to inform you of the projects at hand, including those not in the scope of our Campus Project. As I make you aware of these tasks, I also have the opportunity to ask for your financial assistance to maintain our entire campus, as we Grow Our Family and Grow Our Faith in your parish. Our Capital Campaign scope includes: New administrative offices, asbestos abatement, and remodeled classrooms and restrooms in the west wing of the school done Aircondition the gymnasium and relocate the parish offices to the parish center done The addition of a Gathering Space and adjoining rooms pending Bishop s approval The renovation of the church itself, making it an inviting space for all liturgies as we worship: audiovisual, lighting, improve sightlines, paint, access, HVAC pending Bishop s approval All this is being realized by your contributions to the capital campaign. These are the items included in our Campus Project that are underway: New Lighting: If you ve been in church recently have noticed the brightness of the interior due to the installation of LED lighting in the pendant fixtures done. Stained Glass Replacement: Most of the large, upper, stained glass windows are completed; soon the lower windows will be installed with new glass in progress The Church Boiler: We continue to invest in costly repairs, with parts that are difficult to obtain for a 65% poorly efficient boiler. Out of necessity, the 70yearold boiler is being replaced now. I am concerned, as our campus ages, that more work will be needed as we progress. The Campus Growth Team knows that we cannot build a new building without maintaining our current campus. This is a list of the projects that are part of ongoing maintenance and repairs and NOT included in the Campus Project. Changes are taking place daily and are becoming more visible. Due to generous donors, School Touchless Bottle Filling Stations $20,000 almost done! Redesign of west church entrance ramp to allow for accessibility $72,000 done! New ADA arm chairs, needed to welcome those with difficulties $10,000 done! Reupholstering our existing chairs throughout our church: 75 of 150 chairs are finished. New padding, wood refresh, fabric to match the ADA chairs and reinforcing brackets are being installed, all thanks to generous volunteers! $4,000 ($26/chair) in progress. Moving the playset behind the Parish Life Center to it s new location cost unknown Church Pews: Unfortunately, our already worn pews are being further damaged by the necessary sanitation practices. At some point we will need to restore them cost unknown Renovation of the Parish Rectory: Needs to happen sooner rather than later. Rectory roof replacement needed $15,000 contracted Caulk and seal the 70 windows $6,000 contracted Replace the upstairs HVAC unit which is currently broken down, out of service, and requiring expensive repairs awaiting bids. Fr. Kosk is freezing! (That s a joke) Repairing/Painting the Church Ceiling: This will be necessary, after our dehumidification HVAC system is installed and after months of drying the ceiling out from years of moisture cost unknown Need for school restroom plumbing replacement and restroom renovation in 6 restrooms, due to failing pipes and requirement for handicap accessibility projected $300,000 $400,000 These are the items that incurred costs for major repairs, not small repairs, in the past six months: Elevator Repair in the parish center $3,880 WalkIn Cooler/Freezer in café. $6,343 Rectory Sewer $2,478 Church roof/drain $1,305 School boiler $2,328 School AC $2,360 TOTAL: $18,694 $32, in total repairs since July 1, 2020 We are utilizing your gifts as responsible stewards, however, these additional needs are making our current budget suffer. Father Pat, the parish staff, the finance council and the campus growth team must make you aware of these expenses and are requesting through your prayer, that you consider helping with extra donations for repairs and maintenance in your monthly envelopes. Please continue to pray for the Campus Growth Team, as we make difficult decisions in the coming months that will best serve the parishioners of our St. Paul Parish Family. Please also, make every effort to support our campaign of Growing Our Family, Growing Our Faith. Thanks to those parishioners who have made very generous sacrificial gifts to our campaign! We cannot let up; we are so close! Those who have yet to support our efforts on behalf of the parish, please join us, as this parish serves us all. WE NEED YOU! WILL YOU SHARE YOUR FAITH WITH OUR PARISH FAMILY? Sincerely, Terry Zeisset, Capital Growth Team Chairman ASH WEDNESDAY MASSES FEB. 17 7:00am, 8:20am, 9:20am; 6:30pm DISTRIBUTION OF ASHES will be sprinkled on crown of our heads (actually a long standing tradition in the Catholic Church) instead of being marked on the forehead as a Covid 19 precaution. January 31,

3 Business Office Dineen Czar Executive Manager Laurie Scott Accountant St. Paul Parish has received its annual Catholic Times assessment from the Diocese. The 2021 assessment for our annual subscription of our Diocesan publication is $15,240. You will notice that an envelope for Catholic Times (our monthly Diocesan publication) is included in your January, February, and March monthly envelope packets. Each family is asked to make a onetime $15 donation for their annual Catholic Times subscription by the end of March. Please note that our Catholic Times assessment is not subject to adjustment once determined. There have been parishioners in the past, who have contacted the Parish Office requesting that their subscription be discontinued, assuming that our assessment would be decreased accordingly. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Once determined by the Diocese, the full assessment is due, with the Parish being responsible for any shortfall from the amount collected. Thank you to those who have contributed towards our Catholic Times assessment! For those wishing to contribute, you can make your donation in your Catholic Times envelope using the drop box or collection baskets at the church entrances, online, or stop by the Parish Office and say hi to our friendly staff and drop off your payment. However you choose to contribute, know that your donation allows those in our Parish to stay connected with our fellow Diocesan parishes, which allows us to...shine ON within our Parish, our Diocese, and beyond!! Fr. Kosk is seeking a used treadmill and other home-gym equipment (weight bench, barbells, dumbbells): if you have an unused treadmill, weights/etc., to donate to him, please Fr. Kosk at Thank you! Financial Stewardship January 24, 2021 WEEKLY REPORT FOR: PARISH SUPPORT Church Envelopes Online Giving Loose Collection Repairs & Maintenance Children's Collection Solemnity of Mary All Souls Bereavement Ministry TOTAL PARISH SUPPORT NEEDED FOR BUDGET WEEKLY OTHER COLLECTIONS Sister Parish St. Vincent depaul Catholic Times Church in Latin America TOTAL OTHER COLLECTIONS TOTAL SUPPORT JAN. 24, 2021 CAPITAL CAMPAIGN UPDATE WEEKLY REPORT FOR: CAPITAL CAMPAIGN TOTAL CAMPAIGN GOAL Pledged (incl. nonpledged contributions) Received Expenditures: Capital Campaign Expense Phase 1 (School West Wing Reno) Phase 2 (Parish Center & Gym AC) Phase 2.5 (Windows, Ramp, Auto Doors) Phase 3 (New Bldg. & Church Reno.) Total Expenditures $15,262 6, $22,410 $20,510 $ $1,945 $24,355 JAN. 24, 2021 $7,500,000 $6,592,010 $4,510, , , , ,880 25,624 $1,468, contribution statements were ed to all parishioners with an address on file with the Parish Office. (Please be sure to check your junk and spam folders, if you do not see it in your Inbox.) Hard copy contribution statements were mailed via the Post Office to everyone who does not have an address on file and to those who requested that a hard copy be mailed to them. Please contact the Parish Office if you have not received your statement by February 1 st. Thank you! Diocesan Child Abuse Reporting and Investigation number (217) th Sunday in Ordinary Time 3

4 January 31,

5 Catholic Schools Week 2021: Fr. Kosk s Korner T hank you to all of our students, parents, alumni, staff, friends, and community members for all you do to support St. Paul Catholic School! 2020 and the related pandemic changed everything in our daily lives. Life has become more virtual; we cannot see faces through masks, and the most terrible thing is we live in fear and uncertainty. However, one thing has not changed the courage and determination of the principals and teachers of Catholic schools, especially our school. St. Paul has reopened to serve our children, to build their faith, identity, and knowledge. It is the Catholic schools that have for centuries instilled values such as God, honor, homeland, courage, and the desire to learn and grow in such values. In this special week devoted to appreciating Catholic schools, teachers, parents, and students, I would like to thank all of you for your commitment, support, and willingness to educate the youngest members of our Parish Family. If we want our children to grow in faith, receive an excellent education, and learn to serve our community, we must sacrifice ourselves to ensure our school s legacy and excellence. Let us ask our patron, St. Paul, to support the mission of our school and parish. May God bless us all. St. Paul Catholic School Preschool / Junior Kindergarten / Kindergarten 3YearOld & 4YearOld Preschool As students learn to interact with other students their age in a classroom environment, social skills are a big part of the curriculum. Fine motor and gross motor activities are reinforced, along with foundation principles of academics. Our threeyearold preschool offers three options for parents: three half days (M,W,F), three fulldays (M,W,F), or five full days per week. Our fouryearold preschool offers three options: three half days (M,W,F) and three full days, (M,W,F). Threeday preschool programs are the perfect alternatives for students who need some time in a classroom situation, but are not quite ready for five full days of school. 4YearOld Junior Kindergarten Our fouryearold Junior Kindergarten program is a five full day option for children who are ready for the challenges of a full week schedule. Junior Kindergarten is a perfect program for students with a late birthday that are too young for Kindergarten, but are ready for more academic skills within a structured environment. Kindergarten Our goal for St. Paul Kindergarten is to enhance learning, foster a healthy selfesteem, and develop creative individuals and problem solvers in a faithfilled environment. Kindergarten students need many opportunities for handson learning. By the age of five, many children are ready to be introduced to new skills, work habits, and concepts that are the building blocks for future success in school and in life. Registration begins February 1 st! To learn more about our programs, please visit our website at and take a virtual tour of our classrooms. To schedule a private tour, please contact the school office at Students must be age eligible by September 1 st of the current school year. 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time 5

6 Prayer Lord, please put your peace in my heart. I am worried and anxious about many things. My mind races and obsesses. I can t help thinking about my problems. And the more I think about them, The more depressed I become. I feel like I m sinking down in quicksand And can t get out. Calm me, Lord. Slow me down; put your peace in my heart. ~ Lpi Highland Knights of Columbus Chicken Wings to go! Sunday, February 7, 2021 Get a box of our Famous KC Chicken Wings for the Big Game, drive through only, at the Highland Knights of Columbus Hall on Sunday, February 7, 2021 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Only $10.00 a box! ST. PAUL 6 TH GRADE CARRY OUT SPAGHETTI DINNER Sunday, January 31, 2021 from 11:00 am 5:00 pm Pick up from: St. Paul School Cafeteria at the corner of Ninth and Lemon Streets. Carryout or drive up for $10, includes Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Italian Salad, Breadstick, and Freshly Baked Dessert. For tickets, see any 6 th Grade student, or text Jenna Kampwerth at or Kirby Klostermann at Proceeds will help fund class trips in 7 th and 8 th Grade and graduation events. Granite City 40 Days for Life Spring 2021 Campaign This Lent join us in peaceful silent pray on the sidewalk at the Granite City Aboron facility. Be the visible sign many women are looking for. We have the opportunity to pray and fast for life. Ash Wednesday is the first day of our Spring campaign and runs through Palm Sunday. During Lent is a me to offer sacrifice and prayer. Praying in cold weather saves MORE LIVES! (According to the Naonal 40 Days for Life podcast) Women see that you care enough to be out there. Have quesons? Come to our Informaonal Meeng on Thursday, February 4 at 6:30pm at Abundant Life Community Church, 3986 Humbert Road, Alton, Illinois to register. Meeng will be in person and offered virtually. Want to Adopt a Day? Go to40daysgc.comto Adopt a Day for your church to pray. Dates are available on a first come, first serve basis. January 31,

7 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time 7

8 Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation Deanna Harlan Hey, Father! LIVE! - Understanding Catholic teachings can be tough. Hey, Father! LIVE! will help. Join Father Daren Zehnle and Father Jeremy Paulin as they answer your questions about Catholicism LIVE on Feb. 10 at noon. Watch LIVE or on replay by going to facebook.com/diospringfield or youtube.com/diospringfield or dio.org/live. Send your question early or during the broadcast to or text it to The St. Paul School Educational Foundation would like to acknowledge the family of Maurice Kramper.The Foundation appreciates the Kramper family for naming them as one of the organizations to receive donations in his memory. We sincerely apologize that his name was omitted from the recent bulletin listing. We appreciate the generosity of the Kramper family and ask that you remember Mr. Kramper and his family in your prayers. St. Paul School Educational Foundation On January 31, 2021, the St. Paul School Educational Foundation will mark its 40 th Anniversary by presenting a check to St. Paul Parish at the 10:00 mass which is the beginning of Catholic Schools week. Each year, for the past 40 years, the St. Paul School Educational Foundation has given money to St. Paul Parish to help pay for tuition for students attending St. Paul School. The money will be used for the fall semester in The St. Paul School Educational Foundation was organized in 1980 by a group of 7, including the pastor and 6 parishioners. The original founders were Msgr. Wiskirchen, Don Johannes, Keith Koch, Terry Riffel, Jim McDermott, Jim Mersinger and Roland Harris. Their hopes were high, but resources limited. So, with Msgr. Wiskirchen tossing in $20.00 to help meet expenses and each board member doing likewise the organization started with $ Realizing they needed a source for funds, the new board asked the Highland Knights of Columbus Council 1580 to make a pledge of $25, payable over 10 years in $2, annual installments. The Knights of Columbus were more than happy to do that. When the 10-year pledge was completed, they made another 10-year pledge. After that no more pledges were needed and the Knights of Columbus continued contributing $2, each year for the entire 40 years. Many many others have also made generous and multiple contributions through the annual fund drive and through memorials given through funerals, and the Foundation has continued to grow and grow. Some larger contributions were also given by individuals who established named funds. They are the Geralyn Rehkemper Fund, Udell and Cecelia Harris Fund, Leonard and Alice Daiber Fund, Rose Mersinger Fund, Ruth Schroeder Fund and Ed and Elaine Frisse Fund. The donation from the General Fund is made in January of each year. Money from the named funds is given over the summer months. The principal of the fund is never used. The money donated comes from earned income and from growth of the fund. Over the last 40 years the total given by the St. Paul School Educational Foundation for scholarships has exceeded $1,500, In its first year of operation, the Foundation donated $ In 2020, the amount given was $140, The current Board of Directors are Fr. Pat Jakel, Pastor of St. Paul Parish, Don Johannes, President, Howard Held, Treasurer, Rick Ringwald, Secretary, Kevin DeWaele, Craig Wiesemann, Wayne Henze, Grand Knight of Knights of Columbus Council 1580 and Eric Kukowski. Ex Officio Board Members are Fr. Piotr Kosk, Parochial Vicar St. Paul Parish, Haidee Todoro, Principal St. Paul School, and Dineen Czar, St. Paul Parish Manager. January 31,

9 Pastoral Associate for Pastoral Care and Spirituality Lorraine Senci Support for Survivors of Human Trafficking Donations Collected January 3031 Beginning in 2010, by Presidential Proclamation, each January has been designated National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. According to the United Nation s International Labor Organization's (ILO) 2016 Global Estimates of Modern Slavery, nearly 40.3 million people are victims of modern slavery, of whom 24.9 million are entrapped in forced labor and sexual slavery and 15.4 million subjected to forced marriage. Through coercion, deceit, or force, they are trapped in jobs and situations from which they cannot escape (from United States Conference of Catholic Bishops). A basket for monetary donations will be at the baptismal font the weekends of Jan & Jan to support Eden s Glory, where survivors of human trafficking are restored to thrive for the praise and glory of God. (Please make checks payable to Eden s Glory.) Eden s Glory offers a Christcentered, twoyear, holistic residential and outpatient program for adult women, ages 18 and older who are survivors of human trafficking, to help transition them back into society and show them that they have purpose. Please remember in prayer victims and survivors and pray for an end to this form of modernday slavery. There are a variety of practical ways to support Eden s Glory. Visit to learn more how you can help or to make an online donation. Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time January 31 Teaching with Authority. Jesus begins his ministry with us this liturgical year doing two things. He is teaching with authority like no other. And his teaching spills into action for the benefit of another mercy at work. How is Jesus astonishing me by what he teaches? How am I listening for his words, his call, his teaching? How is my listening spilling out into mercy thoughts, mercy action, mercy works? The Presentation of the Lord, Monday, February 2 Waiting for That Day. In the simple act of bringing the eightday old Jesus to the temple, Mary and Joseph (now, patron of the whole Church) follow the law. Both Simeon and Anna were long waiting for that day, the day of Christ the Lord coming in person. Simeon says: I can go now; my waiting is done. Anna gives thanks that redemption has come in Jesus. In blessing and lighting candles this day, we announce that God s light, the Light of Christ, shines on us and in us. Feb. 6-7 Saturday, 4:00 PM Saturday, 5:30 PM Sunday, 7:00 AM Sunday, 8:30 AM Sunday, 10:00 AM Lector Dan Grandame Bill Wagner Tom Hill Ken Krausz George Whaley Extraordinary Minister Hospitality Minister Paul Finkes Jim Lentz Angel Lappe Karen Boulanger Frank Lipski Jackie Manning Rick Aholt Kenny Klaus Jerry Klostermann Vernon Rakers Mark Voegele, Jr. Jan Abbott Scott Abbott Bill Duncan Rick Ringwald Barb Bellm Paul Ray Capelle Peter A. Tucker Gregory Venarsky Darren Altadonna Jon Boulanger Andy Jansen Ron Moss Carla Bohnenstiehl Gary Moenster Gayla Reynolds NOT FILLED 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time 9

10 Jeans at Church Entrances in February Throughout February, the Respect Life Team is requesting donations of new or gently used jeans that will be Distributed by St. Vincent de Paul Church in Soulard. Thank you for supporting this muchneeded effort! BULLETIN SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS TUESDAY AT 12:00 pm. Please submit news by to: PDF files CANNOT be used JPEG files required Thank you for supporting our Advertisers! Mass Intentions Monday, February 1 7:00 am Mass Lisa JohannesBernett Tuesday, February 2 7:00 am Mass Bill Kohlbrecher 8:20 am St. Paul School Mass Cathy Romes Wednesday, February 3 7:00 am Mass Darell Bellm Thursday, February 4 7:00 am Mass Norbert Isert 8:20 am St. Paul School Mass Steve Walker Friday, February 5 7:00 am Mass Jim Meridith Saturday, February 6 4:00 pm Mass Ken Carroll 5:30 pm Mass Pricilla Heimos & Judith Beasenberg Sunday, February 7 Mass 7:00 am The Parishioners of St. Paul Parish 8:30 am Frank Kurwicki 10:00 am Danny Kloss & Living & Deceased members of the Clarence Sled Frey Usual contributions for Mass offerings are $10. Please stop by the Parish Office during office hours to arrange to have a Mass said for Thank you. Rev. Pat Jakel, Pastor Cell: Rev. Piotr Kosk, Parochial Vicar, ext Lorraine Senci, Pastoral Associate for Pastoral Care and Spirituality, ext. 202 / Cell: Deanna Harlan, Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation, ext. 217 Dineen Czar, Executive Manager & Liturgical Music Coordinator, ext. 203 Jennifer Hilling, Office Manager, ext. 200 Laurie Scott, Accountant, ext. 215 Molly Cowgill, Pastoral Associate for Youth Faith Formation, ext. 210 Haidee Todora, School Principal, ext. 300 Renee Mitchell, School Vice Principal, ext. 301 January 31,

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