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1 O P C S. M C 236 Eldridge Rd. Wells, ME (207) FAX (207) Weekday Mass: 9 AM (online) Weekend Masses: Saturday 4 PM (online) Sunday 9 AM (online) S. M C 30 Portland Rd. Kennebunk ME (207) FAX (207) Weekday Mass: Suspended Weekend Masses: Suspended Confessions at both Churches Drivethrough the first Friday of each month at 12 Noon A S C (closed until further notice) Our P S Fr. Fred Morse, Pastor Fr. Agustin Sebasthiyan, Parochial Vicar Deacon Darrell Blackwell O Diane W. O Neil, Manager Rosanne Smith Ruth Shrader Paula Moses C Donald Webber Mark Reeth F M Timothy Gallant, Supervisor Jesse Ouellette F F Carolyn F. Houston, Director Rosanne Smith, Adult Education L M Mark Reeth, Coordinator Lisa White, Choir Director Holy Spirit Parish M 24,

2 H S P MASSES FOR 50 PEOPLE IN HOLY SPIRIT PARISH H S P: Below are all the conditions for attending the live Masses which will begin the first weekend of June at both churches. Live Masses will begin on Saturday, June 6, with the 4 PM Masses in Kennebunk and Wells. Sunday, June 7, Masses will be in Kennebunk at 8 & 10 AM and in Wells at 9 & 11 AM. The following week, beginning Monday June 8, we will return to the weekday Masses at Wells at 8 AM and Kennebunk at 9 AM, again with a maximum of 50. Since the priest, lector, cantor, etc., are included in the 50, there will be room for 41 additional parishioners at the weekend Masses and approximately 46 at the weekday Masses. There will be a signup for each of the Masses prior to the first Mass. Due to the limit, one person cannot attend every Mass. The Bishop has suggested that a parishioner attend one or two weekend Masses a month and perhaps select a weekday Mass to attend during the other weeks. We must be willing to share our limited space and seats. The 4 PM and 9 AM Masses will continue to be streamed live over the internet, and the Bishop continues to exempt all from the obligation to attend Sunday (Saturday) Mass. There will be clipboards just outside the doors to the churches (in Wells in the back), indicating the Masses you may sign up to attend. Your phone number is required, as well, in the event we need to contact you. You will need to go to your respective church site to sign up (or have someone do it for you). You will not be able to just show up at a Mass and attend, as the seats will need to be reserved via the signups. S M, MAY 25, F, 10 AM TO 1 PM. You must wear a mask to the signups and remain six feet apart. THERE WILL BE ASSIGNED SEATING, AND YOU MUST SIT ONLY IN THOSE SEATS. THIS IS BECAUSE THOSE SEATS WILL BE THE PROPER DISTANCE FROM OTHERS AND CLOSEST TO THE ALTAR FOR COMMUNION. SINCE THOSE SEATS MUST BE SANITIZED AFTER EACH MASS AND BEFORE THENEXT MASS, WE NEED TO BE ASSURED THAT ONLY THE DISIGNATED SEATS WILL HAVE BEEN USED. Bishop Deeley has helped us determine who and how we should participate. Some of us will have to decide that it is best for our health not to attend at all, but to continue to participate in this virtual way, said the bishop. For this reason, I am continuing the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass for the time being. It may also be the case that some of you may find it more convenient to attend a daily Mass during the week rather than on Sunday when there could be less people present. I will also encourage our pastors to continue these virtual Masses since, in any case, not everyone will be able to attend each week because there simply will not be the capacity in our churches. Weekend Masses: 4 PM Saturday at both churches; 8 & 10 AM Sunday in Kennebunk; 9 & 11 AM Sunday in Wells. You must sign up ahead of time at the church during the week (usually outside) for a particular Mass, and no one may sign up for two consecutive weekends. The livestream Masses will continue at 4 PM on Saturdays & 9 AM on Sundays. Weekdays: Sign up for a particular day (but not two consecutive days), and follow all the above that is appropriate. There will be eight Masses per week at both churches for a total of 16 Masses in the Parish. Please remember: elderly who are vulnerable or with certain illnesses, or who are not selfambulatory, should probably not attend but, instead, watch Mass streaming online. All must wear a mask (brought with them) at all times in church and remain at least six feet from others. (Continued on next page) 2

3 S S E Masses for 50 (continued) Anyone from outside of Maine who has not quarantined for 14 days in Maine prior to Mass may not attend. When entering church, you must go immediately to the designated seat with mask on and remain at least six feet from others. Those living in the same household may sit together. *PLEASE REFRAIN FROM USING RESTROOMS WHILE AT MASS.* Receive Communion (Host only) in the hand and remain six feet from one another in the Communion line. Move from seat to the line by way of the back or middle crossover aisle of the church, always maintaining six feet apart and wearing a mask. There will be one single line down the middle aisle to receive Communion from just the priest. The priest will stay at the altar as you leave immediately after Mass (refraining from restroom use), staying six feet apart and going directly to your vehicle. Pick up a bulletin on the way out and leave nothing behind in pew or entry. Confessions will not be available before or after Masses. Confessions will remain asdrivethrough on the First Friday of each month at 12 Noon at each church site. Thank you for your cooperation! Saturday: Sunday: THIS WEEKEND: May 23 & 24 4:00 PM Daniel P. Crowley by Tim O Leary Dennis Dalton by James & Rachel Kilbride 9:00 AM Robert Danis by Maryanne & Don Kammann For our parishioners THIS WEEK: May Monday: 9:00 AM Anthony P Melomo by Joan & Richard Gordon Tuesday: 9:00 AM Lawrence J. & Dolores Halpin by Pat & Moe Maroney Wednesday: 9:00 AM John Lyons by Anne Boivin Thursday: 9:00 AM Elizabeth Wirtes by Dan & Becky Friday: 9:00 AM Margaret Egan by her Grandson Ed Kelleher NEXT WEEKEND: May 30 & 31 Saturday: 4:00 PM Don Pulicicchio by Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Giannetti Deceased members of the Precourt Family by Rachel Turnage Sunday: 9:00 AM For our parishioners Deceased Members of the Knights of Columbus Mass Intentions for Masses Celebrated by Monsignor Murphy at Home Rachel Lachance by Mary Foster; Dennis Dalton by Mary Jane Grady; Rachel Lachance by Carol Dalton; William Garrity by Joan Hernon; William Carroll by Jim Pastorelli & family; Christine Martin by Jerry & Debbie Quinlan; Ralph Amabile by Kathleen & Mark Coen; Brian Dumas by Uncle Ray; Reverend Armand Neault by Leo & Connie Bourque; Deceased Members of the William P. Philipp Family Monday, May 25,

4 W/K/O O C C: M/A M/A 2020 The following comparison of 2019 and 2020 Offertory Collections may help us all see the dramatic drop in our Weekend Offertory Budget for this year due to the COVID19 pandemic. It also shows how generous and understanding our parishioners are during such a difficult time. We had one large donation of $ the first weekend of April which raised that particular weekend, and several parishioners shared some or all of their stimulus checks from the government. Thanks to all! Below is the history which will help us better understand how our parish is doing. Note that Masses were stopped the weekend of March 22, but the fear of people attending Mass with the virus imminent was evident the weekend of March (Difference) March 1 $14, $13, ($898.50) March 8 $10, $12, (+$1,977.50) March 15 $12, $ 8, ($3,443.10) March 22 $12, $ 4, (no live Masses) ($7,397.50) March 29 $12, $ 2, ($9,986.50) TOTAL DIFFERNCE (March 2019 minus March 2020) ($19,748.10) April 5 $16, $19, (includes $5,000 gift) (+$3,699.40) (live streaming & stimulus checks started around this time) April 12 $15, $11, (Easter) ($4,134.97) April 19 $17, (Easter) $ 7, ($9,810.30) April 26 $12, $ 8, ($4,298.41) TOTAL DIFFERNCE (April 2019 minus April 2020) ($14,544.28) (Note: April 2020 includes gift of $5000) Again, thank you to all who continue to drop off and/or mail their envelopes, as well as those participating in WeShare. This weekend s second collection is for the. In addition to your regular weekly offering, you may donate to Special collections through WeShare. How to create your WeShare account: 1. Visit holyspiritme.org and click Give Online. 2. Click on the collection to which you d like to donate. 3. Click Recurring Donation; enter your donation amount and frequency. Thank you for your ongoing generosity! 4

5 S S E H S P S S A P All highschool seniors of the parish who will be entering college, or a technical, trade, beautician, culinary, or business school, may download a scholarship application from the Holy Spirit Parish website. All applications must be returned by J 15, G H S Holy Spirit Parish Subsidy Applications for Catholic Grammar School and Catholic High School Education are available for parishioners using budget envelopes or WeShare. Applications may be downloaded from our parish website and must be submitted by J 1, SACRAMENTS B: To register, call Diane O Neil at (207) R: Drive through confessions at both churches the first Friday of each month at 12 Noon. M: Please contact the pastor six months prior to the desired wedding date. S S: Please call anytime. If you know that you will be admitted to the hospital, please call the office to make arrangements to receive the sacrament. Please advise the office when a parishioner is hospitalized. For more information, or to make an appointment for any sacrament, call the office at S. M C P : peanut butter, jelly, pancake mix, maple syrup, mayonnaise. S. M E F P : jelly, cake mix, small flour, hot cereal, instant coffee, tea bags. Please note that the hours for the St. Mary Ecumenical Food Pantry are 2:305:30 PM on Thursdays. C,. P R/U Name (s): Street: City: Zip: Phone: New registration Change of address Moving out of parish Change of address Request envelopes If you are new to the parish, or you have a new address or phone number, please complete this form, place it in the collection basket, or mail to: Holy Spirit Parish, 236 Eldridge Road Wells, ME or to D C are being offered at Holy Spirit Parish on the first Friday of the month at both St. Martha in Kennebunk and St. Mary in Wells at 12 Noon. The next opportunity to receive the sacrament will on Friday, June 5. Follow the signs towards the back of the church. It will be ideal if there s only one person in a vehicle; however, if that s not feasible, there will be instructions on how to proceed. 5

6 G M Seventh Sunday of Easter M 24, 2020 Holy Spirit Parish is a welcoming What do faith and and caring Roman Catholic community, grounded in Eucharistic religion do for us? faith, and which enthusiastically Ultimately, they remind us of some truths we conveniently forget: we are created by a loving God, we have lives and embraces the values imperfections, we sin, we need to be forgiven, we have modeled by Jesus Christ. As a community of believers, Holy Spirit Parish is committed to: a mission and a purpose, it s not just about us, and we hunger for the joy of salvation. These are human ongoing faith formation truths that are not dependent upon whether we like lifelong spiritual growth them. Ignoring them places us on the paths of comfort nurturing and sharing our gifts for the common and satisfaction as we blindly pursue the busyness and good. superficiality of our empty lives. Instead of pursuing supernatural and lasting pleasure, we choose things that are easier and quicker to obtain: sex, drugs, travel, houses, cars, fame, popularity, selfachievement and satisfaction, physical enjoyment, and the like. We may also find ourselves falling victim to more negative responses to what life brings us: anger, envy, lust, pride, gluttony, greed, and apathy. Human hearts can become so hardened to the truth that violence becomes the response of first choice. Being a Prayer Line Requests Christian is hard! Yet, as Pope Francis reminds us, the may be made to Aline Church needs to be a field hospital that has to be prepared to provide people with the remedy they need. Saunders at (207) or What we need is Jesus Christ. The Church, with all of the glory of the sacraments, exists to help make Christ Homebound Parishioners present and real for us. Once we find Christ, we find wishing to receive the Sacrament of Holy joy. Joy is a matter of the heart that is beyond pleasure Communion at home, please call the office at and happiness. It is not found in some earthly satisfaction, only in Christ. (207) Once we accept that we are destined to be in Christ, then we will discover eternal life. Namely, that they They received the should know you, the only true God, and the one Holy Spirit. The whom you sent, Jesus Christ. It is easy to conveniently forget truth and pursue illusions immediately intercedes for your Blessed Virgin Mary within our grasp, but at what price? A man celebrating faithfulness to the 60 years of marriage remarked that it took so much vocation to which effort and so many attempts to convince his wife that the Spirit is leading they were meant to be together. Even his friends told you. If you think him he was foolish. He easily could have given up and pursued other interests. He chose to persevere and God may be offering is so grateful that he made that choice because he now you the grace of serving Him and His people, as a has a pearl of great price. Do we see a value in persevering in our faith regardless of the cost? If we don t amus Griesbach at (207) or priest or in the consecrated life, contact Father Se- take the risk, we could lose more than we know. LPi H S P M S Bulletin insert requests must be submitted by Friday at noon (8 days prior to the weekend for which being requested). Earlier deadlines are required based on holidays. Mark at T C C C C, call Rosanne Smith at 6

7 Family Restaurant and Take Out Michael D. Beaupre, Owner BEAUPRE FUELS Propane Fuel Oil K-1 (207) (800) Commercial St., Biddeford, ME Servicing York County for Over 30 Years US Route 1, 1150 Post Road Wells, ME The Maine Choice for Insurance Value and Protection! your hosts, Mike & Linda McDermott 83 Main St., Kennebunk (207) High Street Kennebunk, Maine Mon.-Fri. 9:00-5:30 Sat. 9:00-4:00 Patrick Foley, Agent RAY CHLAMAUSKAS BENJAMIN M. MURRAY, D.M.D Innkeeper/Owners: Kevin and Deidre Bolduc GPS: 37 Atlantic Ave, Wells Beach, Maine USPS: PO Box 386, Wells Beach, Maine Reservations: Atlanticoceanfrontmotel.com Sealcoating & Driveway Repair COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL FREE ESTIMATES SINCE DIPLOMATE, AMERICAN BOARD OF ORTHODONTICS Proudly Serving the Community Since 1984 SPECIALISTS IN ORTHODONTICS AND DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS KENNEBUNK 91 PORTLAND RD. KENNEBUNK, ME SANFORD 846 MAIN STREET SANFORD, MAINE Main Street, Sanford, ME HOME AUTO COMMERCIAL Best of the Best for 21 years Nancy Bariluk-Smith ROUTE 1 SAFE STORAGE York Street, Kennebunk Temperature Controlled and Traditional Units Specializing in Restaurants, Hotels and Condominium Associations Personal Assistant Joey Brooks, Owner Run Errands General Shopping Home & Office Organization Downsizing Home Staging and More Specializing In Sealcoating & Crack Repair Call or Text Karen Elisabeth Hall, D.M.D., P.A. DEAN THOMAS LANDSCAPING General Dentistry Professional Lawn & Tree Work Snow Plowing Joshua Lagassé Your Hometown Broker FREE ESTIMATES Cell KENCARP Have an idea for your home? Make it a reality. Local Listings, Market Insight, Testimonials, Josh s Blog & More! Carl s Water Systems WATER PUMPS & FILTERS Interior Trim Additions & Remodels Custom Built-ins Windows & Doors Emergency Well Pump Replacement Iron & Odor Fillers Reverse Osmosis Arsenic Filters Carl Dunbar, Owner EPA RRP Certified, Licensed & Insured Fax: Portland Road Kennebunk, ME P.O. BOX 612, OGUNQUIT, ME Dayton,ME Say Goodbye at Home SUSAN HOLT, DVM Mobile Veterinary Euthanasia Services Calling Hospice of Southern Maine doesn t mean you re giving up... It means you re taking charge hospiceofsouthernmaine.org Contact Mac Economy to place an ad today! or (800) x6442 Ad info Publication Support St. Mary, Wells, ME

8 A seacoast tradition since 1955 Full Service Restaurant Drive-Thru Fresh Baked Pastries & Breads Post Road Rte. One Wells, ME BINTLIFF S RESTAURANT 335 main st., ogunquit, me BREAKFAST/BRUNCH 8 AM - 2:30 PM SATURDAY - SUNDAY DINNER 5:00 PM-CLOSE THURSDAY - SATURDAY Call Chef Norm Hebert For Special Functions Dick Wickert Associate Broker THE ALAND REALTY GROUP Cell: prompt professional service (207) Robert Emmons Electric, Inc. residential and commercial electrical contractor Robert Emmons Owner Experience our wonderful way of life! 18 Ross Rd. Kennebunk BENEFITS OF AN ADULT DAY PROGRAM: Full calendar of programs, lunch and healthy snacks provided Meaningful, lasting friendships with Avita residents Time for you, the caregiver, to take a much needed break or simply rest & relax. Our goal is to make a positive difference in people s lives by creating a special place where residents can thrive and families can have peace of mind. Space is limited Sanford Road in Wells Maine avitaofwells.com DANA BROWN 520 Ossipee Hill Rd, Waterboro, ME SAINT JAMES SCHOOL 25 Graham Street Biddeford, ME (207) Come and visit this award winning, fully licensed, NEASC accredited prek-8 school. Law Office of Lisa E. Roche, P.A. Wills, Trusts & Probate Administration Licensed in NH, ME and MA 519 U.S. Route One, Unit 10, York, ME Are you on MEDICARE? GET ALL THE BENEFITS YOU RE ENTITLED TO! Dental Prescription Eyeglasses Hearing Aids Over the counter items Health Club Memberships Call Paul McDonough Wells, Maine Maine Locations Wells York Portland Augusta Melanie Yorke Tromblee Relationship Manager RedDoorTitle.net ZUKE ROOFING Asphalt or Wood Shingle Roofs Residential & Commercial Serving York & Cumberland County Since 1984 References Available Free Estimates - Fully Insured ROBERT ZUKE BUILDERS FRAMING-ROOFING ERECTION CONTRACTORS ARUNDEL, MAINE (207) Will s COPY CENTER Fax Internet Access Copies Graphic Design Color Copies 33 Main Street, Kennebunk Monday-Friday 9-12 Saturday 25 Cent Copies (Min. 5 Copies) With Ad 1 Garden Street Kennebunk, ME HOURS Mon & Tue: 3 11PM Wed: 3PM Midnight Thu: Noon 11PM Fri: Noon Midnight Sat: 11AM Midnight Sun: 11AM 11PM Lawn Mowing Seasonal Cleanups Snow Plowing BANNISTER LANDSCAPE Beautiful Function Room Available for Parties & Gatherings of all kinds Holiday Parties, Reunions, Showers, Receptions, etc. Holds up to 100 People Comfortably Smaller Areas available too Commercial Kitchen, Chairs & Tables included Call Wells Ogunquit Senior Center Post Road, Wells Ad info Publication Support St. Mary, Wells, ME